How Not to Put on Weight On Board

Posted October 21st, 2016

You don’t need to be a weightlifter or marathon enthusiast to be a little concerned about keeping off the kilos while on a cruise. Surrounded by a range of enticing dining venues, including first-class restaurants, chocolate shops, patisseries and burger shacks, your mouth will no doubt be watering from morning till night. And you are on holiday, right? While it’s more than your prerogative to let loose and enjoy the treats aboard your cruise ship, maintaining a nutritious and healthy balance is likely to help you enjoy a guilt-free getaway. Below are some ideas for finding that equilibrium and looking and feeling your best at sea.

Avoid the Lift

If you’ve found yourself on a larger-than-life cruise ship with decks for days, you’ll soon know exactly where the lifts are. Good – now you can avoid them! Forcing yourself to take the stairs 24/7 is an effective way to burn some calories and get your heartrate up. Stop for rests along the way if you need them. By the end of the cruise, you’ll find yourself taking less breaks as your body gets used to the climbing. 

Choose Heart-Pumping Activities

Dance classes. Basketball. Rock climbing. Surf simulators. Volleyball. Boxing. Ice skating. Swimming. Cruise ships are usually filled to the brim with activities and facilities designed to get you moving and have fun! Try something new every day and learn new skills as you burn calories. Even if you’re sailing on a smaller ship, where amenities are scarce, there will likely be opportunities to dive into the ocean for some swimming and snorkelling.

Dessert or Alcohol

What’s a holiday without sweet treats? Cruise chefs aim to please and more, so you’re sure to be dazzled by some truly wondrous dessert creations each and every night. Then of course, there’s the wonderful array of cocktails to be enjoyed. Want to keep your sugar and calorie intake in check? Your best bet is to keep things in moderation and choose one or the other. If you’re travelling with a friend or partner, you could even go halves on your chocolate mousse or vanilla bean pana cotta.

Hit the Gym

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the onboard fitness centre is your one-stop-shop for weight loss. If you’re new to the world of gyms, don’t be afraid to ask crew or even fellow passengers for help with using machines and equipment. If you’re a regular at your local gym, don’t skip your routine – you’ll definitely miss all the endorphins you only get at the end of a vigorous workout. Some cruise lines also provide fitness classes, ranging from yoga to Zumba, so book yourself in right away.

Ban the Buffet?

When the thought of putting on weight is weighing heavily on your mind, it may be time to make a few food sacrifices and choose your dining venues wisely. With a wide range of food, buffets are designed to please everyone, and as a result, it’s incredibly easy to overdo it, and end up with a plate piled high into the air. If you can’t tear yourself away and dine at set-menu restaurants with lighter options, implement a strict one-plate rule and don’t go back for seconds or thirds. 

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