How to Make the Most of Every Shore Excursion

Posted September 27th, 2016

From zip-lining through the air and snorkelling in the sea to shopping up a storm and learning new fascinating facts, shore excursions can help you enjoy all a port has to offer in a safe, convenient way. With everything planned out for you, it may seem like all you need to do is show up! Well, maybe not. To really get the most of your port adventure and leave your cares behind, you’ll need to be prepared. Below you’ll find some of the key tips that will help you on your way.

Read the Fine Print

While it’s easy to gloss over the details and simply get excited at the prospect of zip-lining/scuba diving/bicycling/shopping/kayaking/insert your shore excursion activity here, you’ll need to read all the available information. How long will the excursion last for? Is lunch included? What time does it start? Where will you get picked up from? Do you need to bring any gear? Finding out the answers to these questions will mean you can avoid stress and plan your day on and off the ship accordingly.

Dress Appropriately

Reading the fine print may also help you figure out what to wear. This is especially true if you’re heading off on a day-long tour filled with several activities and stops. Will there be a hike or long walk involved? If so, you’re better off ditching your thongs in favour of sneakers. Will you be visiting religious sites where you’re required to cover up? Pack a shawl or cardigan and wear jeans or slacks. What about swimming and other water activities? Leave your valuable jewellery on the ship where they’ll be safe.

Pack Wisely

Similar to dressing appropriately, make sure you pack everything you’ll need. Essentials can include everything from a bottle of water and sunscreen to insect repellent and medications. You may not need to take an entire box, but it’s a good idea to pack a few Band-Aids in case of blisters or cuts. If you can, also pack a small bottle of hand sanitiser – this will be handy before meals.

When it comes to ID and money, be smart about what you pack. Check the excursion information and chat with cruise ship staff to establish whether you need to take your passport or if a drivers’ licence will suffice. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash – take enough for small purchases such as food, drink and souvenirs.

Keep an Eye on the Time

Taking full advantage of your shore excursion means getting every single minute possible! Put your best foot forward by being on time. Then, if there are ever opportunities to explore on your own and return at a specified time, make sure you do so! There’s nothing worse than sitting and waiting for a few stragglers as precious time drips away and this makes life harder for the tour guide, who is often running on a strict schedule.

Look After Yourself

Finally, remember not to push yourself. Shore excursions may run for hours and be filled with thrilling, larger-than-life activities. If you’re not feeling 100% or if you’re not comfortable (maybe bungee-jumping wasn’t such a good idea?), then don’t feel pressured into doing anything. Your shore excursion is what you make of it. 

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