titanic II plans

Get a Glimpse of Titanic II

Posted July 25th, 2012

Preliminary plans and drawings for the build of Titanic II have been released by ship design and engineering company Deltamarin, giving the world a glimpse at what has been retained from the original and what new features are planned.


During a press conference in Brisbane, billionaire Clive Palmer, who's cruise company Blue Star Line is debuting Titanic II, said that the release of the Preliminary General Arrangement Plan and Preliminary Midship Section Drawing is a milestone in the creation of Titanic II. "These plans underline the commitment and progression Blue Star Line has for the Titanic II project," said Clive Palmer.

The plans reveal that Titanic II will have 9 decks, complete with first, second and third class, as well as officer and crew accommodation, and a new safety deck between Decks D and C. The safety deck will have lifeboats, safety chutes (or slides) and common public rooms.

Titanic II is planned to be 1 metre wider than the original, for stability purposed, but Palmer maintains that the essence of the Titanic has been retained by having first, second and third class separation. Palmer plans to reserve the onboard Casino for first class, and to possibly ban pensioners all together, as he feels he has a social responsibility to ensure that passengers can afford to gamble in the casino. He also described what you will get if you book third class - you will be able to "share a bathroom, sit down at a long table for dinner every night, have some Irish stew and a jig in the night," said Palmer.

From Deck D upwards, Deltamarin have managed to keep the public rooms, passenger stairs, cabins and features in similar locations to that of the original. However, the plans show that Titanic II will have new escape stairs, service elevators and air conditioning. The plans have yet to be approved by the board of Blue Star Line.

Titanic II is set to debut in 2016, and will retrace the Titanic's original journey on her maiden voyage.

Source: Cruise Weekly, Tuesday 24 July 2012

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