CEL Solstice

Fun Facts about Celebrity Solstice

Posted October 31st, 2013

Cruise ships are always full of interesting facts that you didn't know, or didn't even think of! And, Celebrity Cruises' Celebrity Solstice is no different. Here are some fun facts about this premium cruise ship:

  • 13,000 meals a day are prepared on board Celebrity Solstice - so on an average 12 night New Zealand cruise, that would equal up to 169,000 meals on the whole cruise!

13,000 meals a day are enjoy on board Celebrity Solstice

  • Celebrity Solstices' main restaurant has a two-storey, floor-to-ceiling glass wine tower that holds 2,800 bottles of wine
  • The 1,255 staff on board represent 70 different countries this season - including an Australia executive Chef
  • 85% of the staterooms on board have their own private balcony - the highest ratio of any ship based in Australia
  • Standing upright on her bow, Celebrity Solstice would be 8 metres taller than Sydney's Centrepoint tower (309 metres) or 74 metres taller than Brisbane's Soleil building (243 metres)

Celebrity Solstice is 317 metres long

  • Celebrity Solstice features a living 7.6 metre tall Ficus benjamina 'wintergreen' tree, suspended in the middle of the ship's 13-deck high Atrium
  • 240 dozen eggs, 8,814 kilograms of meat and 750 kilograms of fresh vegetables are consumed daily on board Celebrity Solstice
  • The Hot Glass Show glassblowers, or "gaffers", from The Corning Museum of Glass work the glass at temperatures of up to 1,150º Celsius

The Lawns - hosting the Hot Glass Show

  • Celebrity Solstice is the industry's first ship to use solar energy and is fitted with 277 solar panels - enough to power all of the ship's guest elevators or more than 7,000 LED lights

Want to experience some of these fun facts for yourself? Enquire about a Celebrity Solstice cruise with one of our Cruise Specialists and call 1300 954 661 today!


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