Forget Backpacking and Globetrotting. Are You Ready to Cruise?

Posted February 5th, 2014

The New Year is now a distant memory. You’re probably starting to plan how you’ll use your four weeks of respite further down the production line, as annual leave builds up and travel opportunities reveal themselves. Before you struggle to fit several kilos of unnecessary clothing into a ragged suitcase (or suitcases), consider the variety of escapes currently on the market, even those you don’t expect.

Cruising has been reborn, experiencing a turn of the century renaissance as more twenty-something’s, thirty-something’s and beyond climb aboard, ready to discover the world without the hassle and hustle of international travel. Surely we’re trumping up the advantages, planning to seduce unsuspecting adventurers with tales of travel benefits and a luxurious, although affordable experience? Not at all. We’ll simply let the facts speak for themselves.

P&O Australia's Pacific Jewel cruising from Sydney

The Inclusions

Avoid dancing from hotel to hotel, you deserve better. On a P& O Australia cruise, your stateroom (your home away from home) is fitted out with modern furnishings and finishing touches, including air-conditioning, white goods, hair care electronics and entertainment; there are no funky patches or sweaty aromas within. After leaving your suitcases behind and packing your valuables away in a complementary safety deposit box, explore the decks, sipping on a cool beverage and chatting to new friends.

Balcony stateroom onboard Pacific Jewel

Enjoy a show, a concert, a comedic act or laze by the pool, unwinding the days of working too hard in the spa and sauna or get into the spirit on one of the many theme nights. A feast of delights, from food, cocktails and chill out tunes to organised events and treasure chests of extras awaits… And yes, they’re all included in the price of your fare. Backpacking around Europe? Why bother when you can cruise the Pacific in comfort and class without spending a ridiculous amount of cents.

Forget the Technicalities

Holidaying is supposed to be relaxing, a chance to escape the to’ing and fro’ing of real life; while jet setting around the globe holds a certain appeal, there’s something about airports, customs, baggage and the actual flight that exhausts even the most chilled out traveller. Why sit in a cramped space, occasionally for whole days, waiting to get somewhere to you can’t enjoy until you get over your jet lag and catch a round of refreshing zzz’s? Don’t get even get us started on managing time differences and gathering the energy to delve into a culture without the safe, stable buffer of a cruise ship.

Spend less time packing and unpacking, and more time holidaying!

Additionally, do you really want to spend twenty minutes unpacking/feverishly searching and then another ten repacking as you traipse from spot to spot? Imagine you’re visiting three destinations. Three times twenty for unpacking and seeking random items, equals an hour, plus another thirty to forty-five for re-packing per person. If you’re travelling with your beloved, your bestie, your boys or your family, multiply the time and frustration exponentially. Wouldn’t a nice, meandering, unpack-once cruise around Vanuatu and New Caledonia be better?

See More, Do More, Be More

A flight status is ultimately fixed. You’re going to a predetermined country or region, you have a set amount of time and a specific travel budget. You feel compelled to leave your hotel; guilt descends if you don’t tick off the predictable bucket list entries. You’re having fun. You are. You’re absolutely exhausted at night, of course, but you’ve seen what’s expected of you, even if it was blink and you’ll miss it, sampled through the lens of a camera phone.

From snorkelling to cultural tours, P&O Australia offers shore tours for everyone

Cruise shore tours, on the other hand, are adventurous and spirited, laid back and patient, offering a laundry list of things to do for all speeds. From the weird and eccentric, to the sedate or thrilling, you’ll get the most out your port stops without the too much, too soon tourist hangover.

Go on, dare to be different this year. Don’t return from leave needing a holiday from your holiday; allow a short (or long) P&O Australia cruise adventure to revitalise and rejuvenate your senses.

For more details on cruise itineraries on offer at Cruiseabout, call one of our Cruise Specialists today on 1300 954 661.

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