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Fathom Cruises: Carnival’s New Volunteer Cruise Line

Posted March 18th, 2016

Everybody loves a holiday, but what if you could enjoy a getaway in an exotic destination while also working to make a difference? 2015 saw Carnival Cruise Lines launch the Fathom™ program and the first guests of the new ‘volunteer vacation’ cruise line will sail off in April this year.

The Purpose

Fathom™ has modelled its program around the belief that a strong personal connection can result in lasting change, and so they offer cruisers the chance to travel with a purpose. The programs support sustained impact and long-term development in the Dominican Republic and Cuba, with passengers working alongside locals.

You could be involved in a range of different projects while travelling with Fathom™. You may end up teaching English to schoolchildren, building filtrations systems to produce clean drinking water or even helping build and renovate local homes and businesses – all the while being immersed in an amazing culture.

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The Ship

Fathom™ has acquired the MV Adonia from another Carnival-owned brand, P&O Cruises, for its travels. The Adonia has been recently refurbished and can hold up to 710 passengers. It features seven bars and restaurants, a pool, and a spa. Some dining options will also have a traditional Dominican or Cuban menu to enhance your experience of the destination.

Life on board is focused on building a community with your like-minded fellow travellers and everyone will participate in orientation and training programs to prepare you for the projects awaiting you on shore. In the orientation, you will learn about the country’s history, customs and culture, as well as participating in interactive sessions with the Fathom™ team, where you can share your insights and ideas about the cultural exchange program.

The Experience

Although Fathom™ is different to your typical Caribbean cruise, you will still get to enjoy the sunshine, beaches and vibrant culture that the region is famous for. The only difference is that you’ll come home with a different outlook on life and renewed sense of spirit. A Fathom™ voyage is as meaningful for cruisers as it is for the places and people they impact, and in the week that you’re with the team, you’ll help build the company’s vision bit by bit.

Travellers can make an impact helping communities

Depending whether you travel to Cuba or the Dominican Republic, your trip will start with one to two days at sea. This is where you get to connect with your fellow passengers and prepare for the amazing experiences ahead. Cuban voyages will stop at three historic ports: Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba. Meanwhile, a trip to the Dominican Republic involves stopping at Puerto Plata and participating in two days of activities. Both itineraries leave from Miami, Florida.

People love to travel for many different reasons, but if you’re looking to discover and make a difference on your next holiday, then a cruise with Fathom might just be the perfect option. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly cruise consultants today on 1300 954 661 if you have any questions about Fathom™ and volunteer vacations!

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