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Why you should Explore Canada and Alaska by Sea

Posted June 27th, 2014

The regal sights of snow-capped mountains and absinthe-blue glaciers can put a wide-eyed smile on any traveller’s face. Top this off with delicious cuisine and the comforts of a first-class cruise ship and your smile will probably never fade! Yes, you can stay in grand hotels with spectacular ocean views on your Alaskan and Canadian trip, but experiencing their splendour by sea? Nothing compares.

Before you start looking for your turtleneck sweaters, snow boots and binoculars, here are some of the main reasons why you should explore Canada and Alaska by sea!

Explore amazing Alaska by sea

Reaching Destinations you can’t get to by Car

Forget the worries of deciphering maps and driving around foreign roads; cruising around Alaska and Canada is an opportunity to venture off the beaten tracks. If you’re looking for an authentic Alaskan experience that even the most-seasoned travellers haven’t explored, then the breathtaking town of Haines is the place to go. With 2,500 citizens living in Haines, much of the unique landscape of this town has only been experienced by a few! Whether it’s rafting on the Chilkat River or kayaking on the gorgeous Chilkoot Lake, you’re sure to enjoy breathing in the crisp, clean air and soaking in 360 degree views of pure perfection.

Celebrity Millennium is just one of the ships you can cruise on in this area

Divine Eats

Once you’ve experienced life onboard, one of your favourite words will definitely be food! Vacationing on a cruise ship means you’ll be blessed with scrumptious dishes accompanied by champagne and local wines! But what are some of the delicious eats you can sample when you visit ports? If you pride yourself as having a bit of a sweet tooth and just so happen to be in one of Canada’s major tourist spots, then you will fall in love with BeaverTails. A deep-fried pastry only served hot, the BeaverTails is – believe it or not – reminiscent of a beaver’s tail! Complemented by the sweetness of sugar and chocolate, the fruity tinges of jam and apples, as well as the spicy scent of cinnamon, what more could you ask for? From first-rate buffets to authentic local food, get the best of both worlds when you choose to explore Canada and Alaska on a cruise!

Glorious Scenery and Wildlife from a New Perspective

Say goodbye to that Landscape Calendar pinned on your fridge. When you cruise around Canada and Alaska, there’s sure to be more than 12 glorious sights and majestic wildlife to feast your eyes on. From the tranquil French-inspired coastal villages of Canada to the stunning snow-capped mountains and forests that border Alaska, that wide-eyed smile will turn into a few jaw drops! As you sail with friends, family and other happy folks, be on the lookout for whales and dolphins; there’s no better way of getting up close and personal with these majestic creatures than by observing from a cruise ship deck.

See bears in the wild in Alaska

Memorable Shore Excursions

After a night of relaxing sleep in your charming stateroom, you can head to shore in the mornings to enjoy the excursions planned in your itinerary. Escorted by friendly and knowledgeable tour guides, your daily expeditions will be fun, safe and awe-inspiring. For something truly unique, give dogsledding a go! A popular cruise port and the capital city of Alaska, Juneau not only exudes charisma and beauty, but is also known for its exciting dogsledding experience!

Dress up and warm and head off the ship for some onshore exploration!

When you choose to cruise around Canada and Alaska, you get relaxation, luxury and adventure. Lucky you! So what are you waiting for? For details on cruises in and around Canada and Alaska, give one of our Cruise Specialists a call on 1300 954 661.

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