Elegant and Grand - Cruising on Queen Mary 2

Posted April 5th, 2013

Fine dining & 5*service is synonymous with the name Cunard, and after my 2 days onboard the Queen Mary 2, cruising from Brisbane to Sydney on a 2 night sector of her recent World Voyage, which passed through Australia, I was astounded at how much more Queen Mary 2 had to offer....

Queen Mary 2 in Sydney

Weighing in at 148,000 tonnes and accommodating 2,600 passengers, it was the feeling of spaciousness that I hadn’t felt on other ships.  There were moments where I wandered through the gallery of stars who had been aboard Cunard ships, and during those 30 minutes did not cross paths with another passenger.

On the first night aboard we booked into the specialty restaurant Tod English, where the group I was sailing with was blown away with spectacular service.  In particular one of the gentleman who was dining with us had not bought his glasses to dinner & so he moved his menu down to nearly his knees so that he could read it. As soon as the wait staff saw this, within a matter of moments they were by his side asking if a set of spectacles would assist him in reading his menu & they presented him with a tray of glasses for him to pick from, I had never seen service anywhere in my life like this before - truly amazing.

Attention to detail was paid at all levels & in all experiences. Another account I want to share was in the Art Gallery.  As an artist I did frequent the gallery on my way to meals as it was so close to the Britannia restaurant, so I made my path via the gallery.  In my 4 visits over 2 days I noticed that on my second visit the artwork changed positions or was replaced with new pieces. I was elated to find this out, as it did mean I could ensure I frequented the gallery on another 2 occasions.  Around the ship I was also fascinated with amazing artwork & tapestry, one which is held in the Britannia restaurant of Queen Mary 2.

I did partake in couple of activities while on board including Trivia & High Tea. The High Tea held in the Queen’s Room was a fantastic way to get into the English culture of tea drinking with cucumber sandwiches & sweet pastry treats.  I did learn earlier that morning, during a Galley Tour, that the pastry section of the ship used over 200kg of flour per day & I definitely contributed to helping consume some of this allowance, as the pastries were divine.  On the other hand, the English treats & tea before my session of Trivia unfortunately did not assist in channelling any of the English based trivia answers required, so if you don’t have a good grasp on English history, sport & geography, I would say brush up before you board.

Queen Mary 2 in Sydney

Overall the Cunard experience was everything I expected and more. It oozed elegance, luxury & grandeur and if these are the qualities you are looking for, then this is the cruise I would recommend for you.

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Written by Monique Van Gelder, National Marketing Manager of Cruiseabout Australia



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