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Posted October 25th, 2016

Imagine sinking deep into the crystal clear waters of the Arctic and witnessing the underwater journey of a penguin, the majestic beauty of an iceberg and the stunning marine life that inhabit this almost eerie world, including seals, sea anemones, crabs and colourful starfish. Thanks to Aurora Expeditions, this experience is a now reality for passengers travelling on their small-ship cruises to some of the most extreme places on earth.

How Does It Work?

Snorkelling in freezing cold water isn’t exactly new. In fact, since 2014, Aurora Expeditions have been offering Antarctica snorkelling adventures for the brave and adventurous. Now, in 2016, the cruise line has added this optional activity to its range of Arctic expeditions, allowing passengers to get a unique glimpse of wildlife and scenery in both the North Pole and South Pole.

Led by diving and snorkelling specialists, guests will be provided with cutting-edge equipment, such as specially designed waterproof drysuits, gloves, hoods and boots. A mask, snorkel and fins will also be provided. Passengers will need to bring warm undergarment clothing, such as a fleece sweater, pants and socks, with them. Training will be provided, although previous snorkelling experience is beneficial (scuba diving experience is not required). Once suited and ready to go, it’s simply a matter of taking the plunge and being submersed in the icy waters.

Passengers can take part in this optional activity on a daily basis, if the weather permits. Sites visited include sheltered bays, the waters off the shores of islands and remote shipwrecks. At least six bold guests must take part in order for the activity to go ahead.

The Guides

Aurora Expeditions teams up with polar diving specialist company Waterproof Expeditions to provide this innovative and boundary-pushing activity. The team at Waterproof Expeditions have over 20 years in the field and give guests detailed briefings and best practice advice in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable snorkelling experience.

The Trips

Polar snorkelling is advertised as a possible activity on many of Aurora Expeditions’ Antarctic and Arctic cruises, including the 11-day Spitsbergen voyage, the 24-day Arctic Complete cruise, the 11-day Antarctic Explorer journey and the 11-day Across the Antarctic Circle expedition. As the activity is an add-on, guests must advise they would like it added at the time of booking their trip.

Have you been dreaming of travelling to the Arctic or Antarctica? Do you want to experience this truly once-in-a-lifetime activity? If it’s time for you to embrace the adventurer within, call our friendly cruise consultants today on 1300 954 661. We can provide you with more information about Aurora Expeditions or a similar cruise line and help you find the perfect itinerary.

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