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Cruising the Amazon

Posted May 11th, 2016

Running through six different countries, the Amazon River in South America is the second-longest river in the world. In a single word, the Amazon is awe-inspiring – it is one of the world’s largest and most diverse ecosystems, featuring a wide array of unique wildlife and a stunning rainforest that borders much of the river’s banks. With so much on offer, there’s no wondering why this is a tourism hotspot for nature lovers and the perfect destination for an enriching river cruise.

An aerial view of the Amazon river

Getting Started

Before you can even think about setting foot in the Amazon, you have to decide exactly what you want out of your river cruise. Do you want a luxury boat filled with contemporary conventions and stylish décor? Or maybe you’re happy to keep it low key on an expedition ship? Your choice of cruise line can dramatically affect your experience of a place, so make sure you choose a company that fulfils your holiday needs.

You must also decide how long you want your cruise to be – will your voyage down the Amazon be part of a larger itinerary, or a standalone cruise? How many nights will you spend on board? There are a variety of different lines that operate on the Amazon River, including Lindblad Expeditions, Holland America Line, Aqua Expeditions and Seabourn.

The Aria Amazon

River Ships

Many of the ships that sail down the Amazon River are purposefully built for the unique conditions of this region. For instance, Aqua Expeditions’ fleet includes two ships – MV Aqua Amazon and MV Aria Amazon – that were built specially for cruising the Amazon River. The Aqua Amazon, in particular, recently underwent refurbishment to add sustainable wooden floors and other innovative technologies to unite safety, environmental awareness and luxury.

Typically, you’ll find that most of the Amazon river ships are quite small (holding fewer than 100 passengers) to be able to navigate the winding river and its tributaries. Many will also incorporate sweeping windows, boutique dining and a relaxed attitude to give guests an authentic experience on the river.

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Squirrel monkeys in the Amazon rainforest

What to See & Do

The Amazon River’s biggest drawcard is undoubtedly its biodiversity. The river and rainforest is home to a number of fascinating creatures, including anacondas, piranhas, pink dolphins, black caimans and many more! Don’t be afraid to venture onto land as part of a shore excursion. This is where you’ll find sloths, macaws and various monkeys.

As part of your cruise itinerary, you might also get to kayak or canoe down the river to appreciate the undisturbed beauty of the rainforest. Some cruise lines will also visit small villages where you can interact with the locals and discover their traditions and lifestyle. Your cruise guides will make sure you have a thorough understanding about the animals, environment and local culture so that you can truly appreciate everything that you see, and if not, they’re always on hand to answer any questions!

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