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Cruising for Introverts

Posted October 18th, 2017

Love the idea of cruising to beautiful destinations but not too fussed on sharing a ship with hundreds (maybe even thousands) of other travellers?

As an introvert, you might think that exploring new destinations via cruise is a stressful way to see the world. But your time on board between ports can actually be quite relaxing and refreshing – you just have to play your cards right and make some smart choices.

These tips on cruising for introverts will help you find your holiday at sea less tiring and more inspiring.

 Opt for a balcony cabin to enjoy the fresh air and open space paired with your own privacy 

Look up the ship’s facilities

Before you even book a room, it’s essential to do some research. Find out what kind of facilities and functions your potential cruise ship hosts. You’ll find that most vessels offer a range of extrovert- and introvert-appropriate facilities – it’s not all karaoke, trivia nights and parties by the pool!

Look for a ship that features something you know will help you unwind. It might be a spa, an adults-only retreat, or even a library (depending on which cruise line you’re travelling with).

It’s also worth remembering that your cabin will be your sanctuary during the voyage. You’ll want to make sure the ship offers rooms that are spacious enough with modern amenities. This way you can comfortably retreat to your cabin anytime you need to recharge.

You may want to base your decision somewhat on passenger capacity too. A smaller vessel will often mean less time with strangers and more time to yourself.

Nothing says 'me time' away from noisy crowds like a massage or a pamper afternoon in a day spa.  

Pace yourself with shore excursions

Shore excursions can be amazing experiences, providing fantastic insights into each port you call into. However, for those of us who are more introverted, trying to go along to every single tour can be exhausting. Don’t hesitate to take a ‘day off’ whenever you feel like you’ve spent a little more time around people than you can handle.

Read ahead and identify any shore excursions you consider a must for your itinerary. This way you can make sure you don’t tire yourself out on consecutive tours and find yourself with no energy left to join the ones you were most interested in.

Put time aside for yourself

Yes, there are plenty of fun things to do on your cruise ship. But nobody is going to judge you if you only spend half a night in the cocktail bar or skip the comedy club altogether.

If at any point you’re feeling overwhelmed by the crowds, retreat to your room (or maybe the spa) and treat yourself to some peace and quiet – maybe knock out another chapter of the novel you’re reading. After all, what is a holiday for if not catching up on your reading list?

Catch up on your book, magazine subscription, or take a moment to journal the holiday so far

Bonus tips!

  • If your ship offers all-day dining (as an alternative to set meal times), take advantage of this. Eat a bit earlier or later than usual to avoid the crowds. You might even consider upgrading to a cabin that comes with room service if this is an option for you.
  • Take a walk through each deck – you might find a secluded spot that most passengers aren’t aware of.
  • Make reservations early for any facilities that have limited numbers.
  • Choose a cabin with a balcony – this gives you an invaluable private space for quiet time. 

Swimming solo in the sea can be quite therapeutic - good for the soul! 

Just like any holiday, a cruise can be anything you make it. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy your time at sea. In fact, you may just find cruising to be much more rewarding than you imagine. Speak to one of our cruise consultants and they will help you to find the perfect itinerary. 


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