Hurrican Rita

Cruising during the Hurricane Season

Posted November 4th, 2011

By Peter Kollar

A little while ago, you may have noticed that Hurricane Rita (a Category 2 storm) was heading to the cruise port of Cozumel. But did you know that for people in those regions, being on a cruise is the best place to be… let me explain (before you think I’m a masochist).

Firstly, Hurricane season has the best prices on offer, but more importantly, the ships will do everything they can to avoid rough seas. If you are on a land tour or hotel, you have to buckle down and ride the storm, many times airports close, and you are stuck with a holiday story to tell, but no fun!

Cruise ships on the other hand have the most up-to-date satellite equipment to forecast and report on current conditions, and the captain WILL ALWAYS try to avoid any turmoil for two reasons; 1) to avoid damages to the ship and it’s passengers and contents, and 2) they want their passengers to have a great time to make sure they’re repeat customers. Being at sea, they are flexible and can manoeuvre away. Take Hurricane Rita for example. A total of 12 ships made plans to divert their itineraries to more pleasurable areas. Carnival’s Imagination, Inspiration, Freedom, Destiny, Liberty, Legend, Triumph and Valor, Celebrity Cruise’s Millennium, NCL’s Norwegian Star, Princess Cruise’s Island Princess and Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas.

Shore Excursion teams would have contacted their local ground tour operators to change touring options, but with their presence in the area for the season, most programs are easily (if not taxingly) modified to the new destination, so that the cruise passenger continues having a great holiday.

In other words, don’t discard the cheap prices and time to holiday. I know I would rather be cruising than be boarded up in a hotel basement!


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