Cruising Asia

Posted December 12th, 2011

Cruising is a wonderful way to see the breathtakingly beautiful lands of contrast that make up the largest continent on earth – Asia. From Burma and Thailand in the West, to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, to Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Japan – there is something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

Indulge in the sights, sounds and scents of this exotic destination, where every country has something alluring and different to offer.

The Orient has always been a lure for wanderers from afar, and it seems to hold them spellbound. China’s rich culture and ancient history will leave you mesmerised, while Thailand’s temples and vibrant street life will enchant you. From India to Vietnam, Thailand, China or Japan – these ancient cultures will leave their mark on you with their fascinating traditions and customs.

While cruising Asia, you will step into another world. Enjoy the bustle of a fresh food market. Watch a sunset over the ocean from a heavenly beach. Sink into the tranquillity of a sacred temple. Tour through a Chinese garden, unchanged for 600 years. Visit the modern commercial driving force of Shanghai. Admire the maglev train. Delight in Bangkok’s nightlife. Immerse yourself in the luxury of Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok or fabulous Hong Kong.

Observe the timeless beauty of Vietnam - beyond Ho Chi Minh City lie ancient temples and religious shrines in remote forest or mountain settings. In Bangkok, soak in the magnificent gold-plated statues of Buddha, or visit the Grand Palace. The Great Wall of China, built across the mountains over a twenty-one century period, is a great feat of engineering that definitely deserves exploration. And just as inspiring is the life-sized Terracotta Army. In Beijing, visit the palaces and gardens of the Forbidden City, and in Hong Kong revel in the big-spender reputation of the city.

Sadly, Japan is still reeling from the major earthquake and tsunami earlier this year, and the country is still working hard to return to normality. But despite this, Japan is still a classic cruise destination, with spectacular scenery, the fabulous nightlife of Tokyo, scrumptious oriental food and irresistible shopping.

As the largest continent, with the longest coastline and 3/5’s of the world’s population, Asiacan seem a daunting destination. But, cruising is a wonderful way to experience this land of contrasts, and you can take in as much, or as little, of it as you want.

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