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Cruiseabout’s Top 5 Cruising Regions

Posted January 11th, 2016

While the team at Cruiseabout are proud to offer cruises that let you explore almost every corner of the planet, every year we seem to find that some destinations prove to be more popular than others. Between the great waterways of Europe, the spectacular beaches in the Pacific and the ancient wonders of Asia, it’s easy to see why more and more travellers are flocking to hotspots all over the globe in search of their next adventure.

If you’re thinking of booking a cruise holiday, or looking for somewhere new to explore, check out our top five cruising regions below to see where everyone else has been holidaying this year!

Australia and the Pacific

Cruise itineraries around Australia and the Pacific Islands are always a popular choice amongst Australians thanks to beautiful scenery and striking beaches. These local cruises are typically shorter and offer a unique way to explore your own backyard, so they’re perfect if you’re on the market for a short getaway. Meanwhile, the Pacific Islands provide an opportunity for travellers to venture a bit further without having to leave their creature comforts completely behind. Many cruise lines, such as P&O, also use Australian currency on board to ensure your journey sails smoothly.

New Zealand

It’s right next door, but worlds away… cruising is the perfect way to experience all that New Zealand has to offer! Soak in the awe-inspiring scenery of Milford Sound, walk over the cityscape in Auckland’s Sky Tower or take a mud bath in a Polynesian spa – you’ll get to sample a bit of everything with a cruise. For a truly unique experience, take a trip to a Maori site and get a glimpse into the traditional culture of New Zealand.

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 Asia is known for its diversity that blends the ancient ruins of centuries long ago with the urban sprawl of a modern day city. It’s a mixture of vibrant, exotic cultures that will captivate you as soon as you arrive. Vietnam, in particular, is quickly becoming one the preeminent locations for river cruising due to the impressive Mekong River that winds through five different countries before coming to an end just south of Ho Chi Minh City. Many lines offer itineraries that allow you to experience multiple countries and cultures all in one trip and with more and more cruises going through Asia, you’ll have no excuse to not explore this corner of the world.


The home of popular culture, and host to some of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, USA is one wide-reaching and varied country that (unsurprisingly) is one of the most popular cruising destinations. Hawaii in particular is a fantastic area that dishes up idyllic beaches and a laidback atmosphere that blends a number of different cultural influences. Or, for a holiday with a special touch, look at Disney Cruises and immerse yourself in Walt Disney’s magical world. It is a small world, after all!


There’s nothing quite like the distinctive blue water or romantic atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea, so we totally understand why it’s so popular! Go island hopping on a cruise throughout the serene waters of the Greek Isles and enjoy the mouth-watering cuisine the region is so famous for. Italy, Malta, Turkey… the Mediterranean is simply an exquisite area that oozes culture in all areas, making it a wonderful holiday destination for those who want to take a step back and enjoy life amongst spectacular coastal scenery.

Are you feeling inspired to visit one of these gorgeous locations? Call one of our friendly cruise consultants on 1300 954 661 for answers to any questions and help booking your next adventure!

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