Cruiseabout Loves New Zealand Cruises

Posted April 22nd, 2015

The enjoyment of the journey is what sets cruises apart. Instead of just boarding and waiting to arrive at your destination, the cruise lets you make the most of your travel time – it’s more than getting from A to B; it is part of the experience.

Having said that, an amazing destination definitely adds to the appeal of a cruise, and somewhere that ticks all the ‘amazing destination’ boxes is New Zealand. Known for its outstanding views and spectacular natural beauty, it is a land that garners much admiration. The object of many cruisers’ desires, New Zealand cruises offer that trifecta of culture, history and beauty, making them popular with travellers from all walks of life.

A Place of Wonder

Take the time to enjoy all New Zealand has to offer with ports at Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Milford Sound and many more. New Zealand is situated across two tectonic plates, giving it amazing geothermal areas and volcanoes, adding to the contrast of the serene beauty found in its quiet coves and magnificent glaciers. With a huge range of voyages that explore beauty spots like the North Island's famous Bay of Islands or cruises that take in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand's South Island , seeing these attractions in person allows you to fully appreciate the diverse and beautiful landscape that New Zealand boasts – postcards simply don’t compare!

Along with discovering the breathtaking natural sights on offer, you can visit museums, galleries and historical sites, all in the one experience. Lose yourself in magnificent gardens or take the time to immerse yourself in the local Maori culture.

View from the Sea

In addition to all this, cruising around New Zealand gives you a perspective the land-traveller just cannot match: you get to see parts of the scenic coastline that you would never have the time to explore otherwise or gain access to. Enjoy the sights of the rocky shores, pristine beaches, secluded harbours and black sand beaches that are often left untouched by other tourists’ eyes.

Onboard Activities

For the final touch, the great range of onboard activities means that you can dictate what your holiday looks like. Choose from a variety of live music, movies, comedy, adults-only leisure areas or fitness activities, depending on what your ship offers. It doesn’t matter if you are after an active getaway or a relaxed retreat; your cruise is what you make it.

Sailing from Australian Ports

Choosing cruises to New Zealand from Australian ports such as Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne has its own benefits as well.  You can reduce the time spent travelling before you board, making the overall experience less stressful and more like the holiday straight from your daydreams at work. These large, well-appointed cruise terminals make every stage of the boarding and preparation processes easy – don’t worry about currency conversion, phone accessibility or any other technicalities you might encounter cruising from an overseas port.

If you’re over the rush-rush lifestyle and need a break that genuinely feels like a break, maybe the leisure of a cruise that leaves from your own backyard is just the thing you need to recharge, relax and fall in love with life again. Check out our cruises to New Zealand from Australian ports and call us on 1300 954 661 to grab yourself an outstanding deal for the next cruising season.  


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