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Cruise Ship Review: The Pacific Dawn

Posted October 28th, 2013

Have you been dreaming of a liaison in Vanuatu, a beach break in Fiji or the curiosities of Noumea, without boarding numerous crowded flights? What if it was possible to unearth the secrets of the South Pacific in a matter of days, pulling into your favourite ports without worrying about accommodation, meal costs or compiling a list of things to do?

P&O Australia's Pacific Dawn

Ocean cruising with P&O Australia will be a visually sumptuous floating jaunt into the heartland of the Pacific, navigating the webs of islands and cultural scatterings, diamonds on a swathe of turquoise and golden sunsets. If small town pleasure has lost its modest veneer of enjoyment, it’s time to press the pause button on the everyday and dive into the depths of your watery backyard, without hopping from hotel to hotel; the Pacific Dawn is all you need, from first light to dusk, dancing on deck or sampling the tastes of heady banquets.

The Ship – History

If you’ve been searching for a larger than life experience, the Pacific Dawn will certainly deliver, registering as Australia’s first super-ship, equipped with seven hundred and ninety-five staterooms and supporting a maximum capacity of two thousand and fifty passengers. Originally built for a competing cruise line, the Dawn changed a few hands once again before landing on Australian shores, exciting travellers and cruise lovers with her gregarious interiors and Italian design. In 2007, P and O decided to add the Dawn to their growing flock of mega ships, refurbishing the ageing facilities and inserting a few modern surprises for their customers to enjoy; though she held her dolphin shape externally, the Pacific Dawn had been re-born on the inside, fitted out with the most lavish fittings and comfortable rooms, just treading the line under a four star rig.

Suite onboard Pacific Dawn

The Features

When the Pacific Dawn hit Australian shores, it was already packed with unforgettable features and middle budget luxury. Since refurbishments in 2012 however, cruisers have enjoyed an unprecedented experience aboard the Dawn, as rooms became family friendly, offering an interconnectivity to keep everybody together and limiting the bustle of little feet in the hallways, trying to get to Mum. On top of this nuclear perk, each suite has been made over and renewed with sparkling furnishings and carpets, punctuated by photographic artistry and spacious halls – Dawn has rocked the P and O boat. Various on-board venues and clubs received the five star revitalisation treatment, including colours, furniture and a sophisticated LED big screen that has stolen many eyes and ears since its launch.

Bars, restaurants, spas, pools, libraries, gyms, kids’ areas and other perks all await aboard this refreshed and young at heart cruise liner, anchored in the bays of Brisbane.

Your turn to relax... on board Pacific Dawn

From the white sand beaches of Australia, to the peaceful coves of the Pacific Islands, a cruise on the Pacific Dawn will transform the way you feel about the magnificent Australasia region, wow your senses and steal your imagination, nestled in the cliffs of New Zealand or the reefs of Queensland.

If you are interested in a cruise onboard the lovely Pacific Dawn, call one of our Cruise Specialists on 1300 954 661 today! 

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