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Posted March 30th, 2012

Customer Review

Our trip was wonderful.  Silverseawas excellent.  A little hard to fault I must say. Our cabin was great – and ‘Bruce the Butler’ turned out to be ‘J the Butler’.  She took care of our every need inconspicuous at all times, as were the staff.

We only had 62 people on Board. Quite a few obviously, didn’t sign the form to say that they were fit and able to be on board – interesting.

Where to start….

The attention to detail was excellent – everything ran very smoothly.

The Expedition Crew – what could I say – they were magnificent.  Taught us dummies such a lot, only hope that we have retained some of it.  We had Botanists, Geologists, Marine Biologists, and several others, all with PHD’s some with two!  On every excursion they also brought in local guides from the National Parks to educate us even further.  Every afternoon they had a learning presentation in the Theatre -  + other presentations while at sea – they were excellent, and so well presented.

The onshore excursions and hikes were planned down to the last detail .  Of course you would have some people that would have a grizzle, they wouldn’t be happy if they didn’t!  Bob went on 3 hikes up into the National Parks, I took the easy way and bussed it – couldn’t miss out on the vino for lunch now could you?

The food was very good.  Too much of it!  The wine was very good also.

I would say the only negative would be the internet connection, or lack thereof, and also very very expensive.  We did mention that in our closing remarks.

Now, the huge difference between Silversea and Captain’s Choice was that even though SS didn’t have a full contingent, they didn’t stint on anything.  i.e.  when we reached Bermuda, we couldn’t dock in the city as nominated – she docked at St. Georges – about a $50 cab ride into Hamilton where most of us had made reservations.  SS actually paid for taxis to take us into town, and ours dropped us off right at the door.  Unlike CChoice, who didn’t have a full house and took every cheap way out they could!  Never again for CC.

Bring on Silversea.


Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger

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