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Cruise Review - Short Break Comedy Cruise on Pacific Jewel

Posted December 23rd, 2013

Cruiseabout's Direct Marketing Executive, Holly Fullarton, shares with us her first P&O cruise experience - a short break comedy cruise on board Pacific Jewel.

Recently I set sail on my first P&O Australia cruise out of Sydney to ‘test the P&O waters’ and endeavour to find out whether a P&O Cruise was really for me.

I had previously cruised with various other lines but this was the first opportunity I had to cruise with P&O Australia and I was looking forward to seeing how it differed to my previous experiences.

P&O's Pacific Jewel (Image: Bahnfrend)

We departed on Thursday out of White Bay Cruise Terminal, Sydney for a 3-night Comedy Cruise which essentially included four days out at sea.

At check-in I quickly noticed a lot of excited travellers boarding for a weekend of celebrations including hens & bucks trips, sporting break ups, birthday parties and any other excuse for a weekend getaway you can think of... and I knew from that point it was going to be a fun four days at sea.

We set sail on this 3-nighter starting the afternoon with the infamous sail away party. This involved drinking a cocktail from the long list of choices out of a fluoro cup and watching as we pulled away from the dock and moved towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Sail Away Party Underway

As we got close enough to wave to the bridge climbers the energy on the ship lifted, with passengers starting to take part in P&O’s new adventure program, “TheEdge", zip-lining across the ship with every passenger onlooking from below.

At this point the music also started to get louder and more people starting to get up on the dance floor. As the horn blasted and our cameras were put away it was time for the rest of the journey to begin.

After about one hour of sailing I lost mobile reception so I was starting to feel a little lost, however luckily the sail away party was still continuing and I could start to see everybody get to know each other already and I knew I would not be lost for long.

On the first night I feasted on three-courses at the Waterfront restaurant before heading to the first Comedy Show of the evening which included an incredibly funny dance performance and served as a great way to spend the night.

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Adventure activities abound at "The Edge"

On the first day, after filling myself on a buffet breakfast at the Plantations restaurant, I spent the rest of the day relaxing on the Lido deck working on my tan.

There was no need to read a book for entertainment as while I lay there, the first of the day’s activities got started with more zip-liners and a friendly game of Girls vs. Boys, where passengers volunteered to compete in an activity basically involving them locating certain items from other passengers.

Again I made no waste of food as I filled up on a BBQ taco from the The Grill on deck. After the great experience the first night I went back for more of the Comedy show where I was honoured to watch Tom Gleeson perform his stand up routine.

After feeling a little star struck after the show I headed to the Connexions bar to witness some truly entertaining karaoke while I continued my way down the cocktail list.

Found this little monkey in my cabin one night...

On the second day unfortunately it was raining (however based on my red glow I had probably had enough sun anyway) so I picked up my Daily Guide delivered to my room overnight and followed the itinerary to fill my day.

Luckily it didn’t matter where I went inside the ship, I managed to find something to do. I stumbled across the Art Auction, a foot analysis and a few of the same faces performing at the afternoon show of karaoke.

Before finishing my day off, I attended the later afternoon Comedy Gong show featuring passengers who had signed up after attending the workshop earlier in the day and judged by the previous comedians – which although was embarrassing to watch showed that there was a huge talent on the cruise and some potential performers for the next sailing.

I spent the final hours of my last night watching karaoke where hoards of fans had gathered to watch their favourite singers.

With an early morning flight I was the first off the ship however couldn’t have left feeling more relaxed and a sense that I might miss some of the familiar faces I had become accustomed to.

After having now experienced a short break cruise it is something I’d definitely recommend to first time cruisers wanting to familiarise themselves with cruising before jumping on a longer voyage, or for those looking for a fun weekend getaway that it set a little outside of the everyday weekend activities.

As a bonus I managed to have an action packed weekend without having to use up all my hard earned annual leave. In fact, I was able to jump off the ship early Monday morning and fly back to Brisbane and straight to work.

With the inclusive nature of this cruise I managed to spend less money than I would have if I choose to go away to a hotel for a long weekend with friends. All-in-all the P&O experience & short break cruising lived up to all the hype!

If Holly's experience has left you wanting more details on P&O's short-break cruises, call one of our Cruise Specialists on 1300 954 661 today!

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