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Cruise Food Myths Debunked

Posted December 8th, 2014

One of the highlights of setting off on any holiday is the experience of being waited on, while another is tasting delicious meal after delicious meal. When you set sail on a cruise, you get both of these benefits, and much more! Don’t believe what you’ve heard when it comes to food on cruises. These days, there’s a huge emphasis on fine dining and having a variety of meals, while first-class service is always on the menu. Below you’ll find five of the most common myths out there and the evidence debunking them.

Myth 1: It’s all About the Buffets, Meaning You’ll Put on Weight

This myth is simply untrue. On any cruise, you will find, besides comprehensive and delicious buffets, a range of restaurants and eateries. You’ll never get bored! Besides, passengers can also stay fit and healthy by using onboard gym and fitness facilities, or taking part in many of the onboard activities – when you book a Royal Caribbean International cruise, make sure you check out the rock climbing wall and surf stimulator! Keep that body looking trim and terrific, and maintain those high energy levels while away on your cruise.

Work off lunch on Voyager of the Seas' rock climbing wall

Myth 2: You have to Pay for Anything not on the Buffet

Again, another common misconception. Passengers can often choose with whom, when and where they dine thanks to the ‘Your Choice Dining’ option offered on many of the cruise lines, including Carnival and P&O Australia. Why not grab some pastries and coffee for breakfast, the buffet for lunch, and a four-course à la carte menu in the formal dining room for dinner? The choice is literally up to you.

Myth 3: There’s a Lack of Healthy Eating Options

Although it’s true that many cruise lines serve food designed to indulge the taste buds, they also provide a whole range of healthy eating options, including salads, fresh seafood, sushi etc., leaving the choice of what you eat ultimately up to you.

Bonsai Sushi available on board Carnival Legend

Myth 4: The Meals Onboard are Lacklustre

You only have to do a little research online to see and read that this statement is preposterous.

For example, with the likes of celebrity chef Luke Mangan’s ‘Salt Grill’ restaurant onboard P&O Australia ships, passengers can be treated to a range of world-class culinary adventures. Those sailing with Princess Cruises also get the choice of a multi-course dinner served on their very own balcony with the Ultimate Balcony Dining option.

Salt Grill on board Pacific Pearl

Myth 5: There’s a Lack of Food Variety

By now, you know that this idea doesn’t in any way resemble the truth! Onboard, not only are the buffets filled with a variety of eats, but passengers can also feast at a plethora of themed restaurants showcasing cuisines such as Italian, Asian, Mexican and…the list goes on and on. Try the International Café on Princess Cruises and enjoy some gelato in the midday sun.

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