A Customer's Review Of Their CroisiEurope River Cruise

Posted June 1st, 2012

My dad and I had a wonderful time on the CroisiEurope cruise! The itinerary, facilities, scenery, food and service were truly fantastic - and, frankly, made us realise what excellent value we had got for what we paid.

Supplied by Nicholas Conti


The journey through the Rhone and Saone Valleys was just beautiful. As you can imagine, we passed stunning countryside, ruined castles and saw some of France's most renowned towns: Avignon, Lyon, Arles, etc.

There was a great balance between time just to sit on the boat and watch things pass versus getting outside and seeing the cities. My dad and I took about 4 coach tours ((1)a visit to the Carmargue, (2) the Pont d'Arc, (3) Vercors in the Rhone-Alpes and (4) and to Beaune and the Burgundy wine region).

These took as sometimes up to ~100km from the boat, but enabled us to see some very diverse scenery.
The only glitch was that on the first day, the boat departed from Port Saint Louis instead of Martigues, due to windy conditions near the Med.

My dad and I - presuming it was sitting in Martigues for that night - arrived at the wharf 15 minutes after the 6pm boarding time, which meant that we missed the coach, which had come to pick us up.

To be fair, CroisiEurope had tried calling us and done all they could to find us (given we didn't have our mobiles working). Not to worry, we took a punt and caught a cab to Port Saint Louis and found the boat.


Very pleasant. The boat was neatly presented (homely, rather than state-of-the-art), cleaned every day and had lots of space - a bar, restaurant and roof to relax on. The bathroom was very compact, but it was fine for a week.

The only downside was that there was no wi-fi, but in some ways, I didn't mind that: a break from technology doesn't hurt!

Supplied by Nicholas Conti

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At every lunch and dinner, we received a 3 or 4 course meal, cooked to perfection using what seemed like the freshest local ingredients. Meals ranged from salmon to stunning roast beef and, of course, a Salad Nicoise.

At every meal, we also enjoyed local wines, which were included in the price. My dad and I were sat at our own table, but by the end of the cruise, had made enough friends, that people would come over and say hi.


Excellent! There was a crew member who spoke English very well and translated announcements where relevant.

Most of the other crew spoke enough English to make us both feel very welcome. The head of the crew made sure everything ran to the timetable set-out on the board each day, and we felt everything was really well organised.

Finally, the crew kindly asked tour guides on the coaches to translate to English for us, which was great.

Supplied by Nicholas Conti


Both my dad and I would highly recommend a CroisiEurope cruise to any of your customers looking for an excellent European river cruise experience at a lower price.

The facilities, food, itinerary and service were really fantastic. Perhaps, for some Australians, a downside could be that most fellow passengers do not speak native English.

However, there was another English couple around my dad's age onboard, and most of the fellow passengers were very friendly and engaged with us when they could. I've made some new Facebook and email friends, even with my limited French!

Words by Nicholas Conti

Nicholas Conti booked his CroisiEurope cruise through our Cruise Specialist, Linda Laing at Cruiseabout Turramurra  in NSW. To contact Linda, call her on 1300 837 681 or email her at linda.laing@cruiseabout.com.au.

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