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Create Lifetime Memories in the Arctic, Antarctic, and the Galapagos

Posted April 1st, 2017

Starting as a trekking company in 1977, Peregrine Adventures has continuously broadened its horizons and now provides group tours as well as small-ship cruises on their list of itineraries. From their head office in Melbourne, the team at Peregrine Adventures leads travellers from all over the world to fascinating locations like the Galapagos Islands and the Arctic and Antarctica.

There are three ships that take passengers to Antarctica: the Ocean Endeavour, Ocean Diamond and Sea Adventurer. The Sea Adventurer also goes to the Arctic, along with the Ocean Nova. All these vessels are fully equipped to combat the difficult polar conditions. Peregrine’s polar voyages give guests an opportunity to be amazed by some of the most interesting scenery in the world without having to leave behind the creature comforts of home, as each cabin is equipped with modern conveniences such as television and internet access.

Similarly, each itinerary to the various destinations around the globe is focused on providing the ultimate comfort and enjoyment for guests.

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Comprised of 18 main islands and many more islets on both sides of the equator, this archipelago is one of the most bucket-listed destinations in the world. The stunning Galápagos Islands are officially the property of Ecuador, which is the closest continental country despite being over 900 kilometres away to the east.

Though over 25,000 people call the islands home, the human locals are not the source of the archipelago’s popularity. It is the animals here (many of which are endemic to their respective islands) that are the primary attraction. Not only is the wildlife wildly diverse; many of the creatures are unusually curious about their tourist spectators rather than afraid of them, making this a must-do holiday for any animal lover.

The Galápagos Islands form one of the very first World Heritage Sites; the archipelago is considered both a national park and a marine reserve. The rich array of fauna spans from the surrounding Pacific Ocean depths to the island grasslands – and beyond into the sky, where a birdwatcher’s dreams frequently come true.

North & South Pole

Explore the unspoiled beauty of the Antarctic landscape, see the incredible Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), and spot unique wildlife that thrive in the harshest conditions like penguins, polar bears and orcas. The frosty lands of both the North and South Poles offer the most unique cruising experiences across the globe.

Arctic Region

A region rich in natural splendour, the Arctic abounds with pristine landscapes and bountiful wildlife, making it a fascinating frontier to discover. On an Arctic cruise you can see polar bears and toothy walruses, explore rumbling volcanoes and rugged lava fields, follow majestic fjords and set foot on gigantic glaciers.

Cruises to Antarctica

Breathtaking and mesmerising, Antarctica is the epitome of intrepid cruising. The Antarctic region boasts whitewashed terrain as far as the eye can see, towering glaciers and icebergs on the horizon, and an array of endemic wildlife that reign supreme in this unforgiving land.


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