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Challenging Cruise Ports

Posted December 24th, 2012

As you board your cruise liner, it is often with a feeling of excited anticipation as to what awaits you. You have heard all the stories about the amazing entertainment on board, the tantalising meals and the professional yet friendly and courteous staff. This may be your first ever cruise or perhaps you may be a return guest. Whatever category of traveller you fall into, cruising is all about relaxing, experiencing great activities and sightseeing. Ports of call throughout the world vary greatly and before you embark upon your cruise, it might be worthwhile to research some of the ports you will be calling into.


Get away from the port as soon as you can and take a trip into town. Here you will experience loads of history and culture but the language can be a problem, so consider hiring an English speaking guide. Be vigilant when using your credit card, as fraud is a major problem in Bangkok.

Buenos Aires

If you stick to the tourist strip you should be quite safe. Try and avoid sightseeing at night, especially in the older areas of Buenos Aires. This is a wonderfully cosmopolitan city with tango bars, opera houses and many great cultural experiences to enjoy. However, be aware of the pickpockets that roam the streets and do not hail cabs. If you do require a cab, ask a hotel to order you one.


Located on the exotic Arabian Peninsula in the United Arab Emirates, a shuttle bus will transport you to a city filled with exclusive shopping malls and luxurious resorts. You can ice-skate, have a meal in the underwater restaurant, browse the 1,000 plus stalls at Bar Dubai and shop, shop, shop! It will be hard to find any true cultural experiences around the port area.


A spectacular city overflowing with ancient artefacts, but extremely busy with a constant flow of crazy traffic! Make sure you allow enough time to return to your ship because of the traffic. The downside of visiting Cairo is that the ship docks three hours away. You will see a lot of poverty in Cairo, so be prepared for that.


This ancient city is very spread out so it is a good idea to take a city tour organised by the cruise company. There is always so much traffic, so by booking a day trip, the cruise ship will ensure you are back on time. This is also the city of skilled pickpockets, so don’t carry wallets in your back pocket and cross over satchels or bags are probably the safest to use.

Cruises sail to many exotic locations, so if you can find out about day trips at these ports and information regarding local culture, it would greatly assist you to make your journey a pleasant one. Before you travel, it is always a good idea to notify your bank to make them aware that you may be using your credit card overseas. You should also fill in your details with the appropriate Government Department, so they are aware of exactly what countries you will be in should any mishap occur. Your cruise will be an absolutely wonderful and enjoyable holiday. It is just better to do some groundwork and be prepared.

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