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Captain's Choice: Top 12 Ports Of Royal Caribbean Captains

Posted November 2nd, 2015

Royal Caribbean International sails to 260 destinations around the world on its 23-ship fleet, so it’s safe to say the cruise line captains have seen their fair share of ports. With a vantage point from the water and in the captain’s seat, Royal Caribbean’s captains have an uninterrupted panoramic view of some of the breathtaking sights and towns you can only see from the sea. From a company survey of 23 captains, here is the captains’ selection of their top 12 ports around the globe.

Sydney Harbour

1. Sydney Harbour, Australia

At the top of the list is Sydney Harbour, which should come as no surprise to Aussies. Regarded as one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world, sailing out of Sydney Harbour at night or returning at daybreak with the sun rising over the iconic landmarks is one of the most magical sights.

Hubbard Glacier

2. Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

Several of the captains surveyed selected the glaciers of Alaska as their favourite view. Located in eastern Alaska, Hubbard Glacier may be in Disenchantment Bay, however the dancing lights reflecting from this mesemerising icy mass is anything but.

Venice Harbour

3. Venice Harbour, Italy

The first of three Italian ports selected, Venice Harbour is another captains’ choice for the stunning architecture, classic vista and that centuries-old panorama - best viewed at sunrise for optimal effect.

Geiranger Fjord

4. Geiranger Fjord, Norway

With deep blue water complemented by snow-capped peaks, cascading waterfalls and lush verdant landscape, one captain described the view of Geiranger Fjord in southwestern Norway as “where the mountains meet the sea and snow.”

Stockholm archipelago

5. Stockholm archipelago, Sweden

Sailing into Stockholm is a special sight for cruise captains, with around 30,000 islands, islets and rocks making up the archipelago for the crew to navigate around. Add picture-perfect houses to the mix and Stockholm knows how to wow.

Naples with Mt Vesuvius

6. Naples, Italy

The view of Mount Vesuvius towering over the city of Naples at sunrise is cited as one of the captains’ favourite vistas in the Mediterranean. Mt Vesuvius last erupted 70 years ago, but is most famous for the destruction of Pompeii in 79 AD.

Bay of Poets

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7. Golfo di Poeti, Italy

The third Italian site for sore captains’ eyes is Golfo di Poeti, meaning the ‘Bay of Poets’, as Lord Byron dubbed Lerici. Captains claim the view of Golfo di Poeti as their ships sail out of the port of La Spezia is nothing short of “enchanting”.

The French Riviera

8. Nice, France

Also on the Mediterranean, the luxe location of Nice in the French Riviera is a ship favourite, thanks to the backdrop of mountains against the golden sands. In April, you can still spy snow atop the mountains while beachgoers frolic and sunbathe on the sands below.


9. Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro may be off the beaten track for most travellers to Europe, but cruisers should note the port of Kotor, one of the most indented regions of the Adriatic Sea. With little touristy traffic, this somewhat secret setting and historic town boasts Venetian-style architecture against mountainous surrounds.

Moorea in French Polynesia

10. Moorea, French Polynesia

Easily the epitome of a tropical island paradise, the French Polynesian isle of Moorea is famous for its jagged mountain ranges and verdant rainforest juxtaposed against vivid blue lagoons and sandy shores, a most welcome sight for South Pacific captains and holidaymakers alike.

Lions Gate

11. Vancouver, Canada

Situated on the west coast of Canada, Royal Caribbean captains appreciate the perspective of sailing under the First Narrows Bridge into Burrard Inlet to Vancouver and spying the city against the backdrop of the nearby mountains.

The English Channel

12. English Channel, UK

Proving sometimes it is the simple things, traversing between England and France across the stretch of water known as the English Channel, one captain claimed his view of the Channel from the captain’s chair was “beautiful and peaceful”.

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