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Captain’s Pick: South America

Posted September 20th, 2016

Not including the Panama Canal pioneers (who built the Canal to enable ships to pass from one site of the USA to the other) there are many who are big fans of South America’s rugged and remote southernmost tip. Oceania Master of the Ship, Captain Meinhardt Hansen is one of those devotees who is very fond of this part of the continent and considers it one of his top picks - high praise indeed from this well-travelled mariner.

“Ushuaia, Argentina is always one of my favorites – it has gorgeous scenery and the best-tasting lamb anywhere in the world.” Captain Hansen joined Oceania Cruises in 2011. Since then, he has been proud to be part of the Oceania Cruises family, serving as the Master of the ship. Captain Hansen’s pick of destinations is featured on a number of Oceania’s South American cruising adventures. This great continent is home to landscapes of extremes, of fire and snow (sometimes at the same time) plus fascinating cultural discoveries and amazing cuisine.We have selected a number of cruises ranging from the mega Miami to Miami 73 day cruise that does the complete circumnavigation of South America to a 3 week cruise from Lima to Buenos Aires which focuses on the Andes and fjords – this will give you an idea of what is at your fingertips to explore on this incredible continent.

Miami to Miami

If you thought that you could not see an entire continent on one cruise, think again because on this unprecedented 73-day circumnavigation of South America, you can see an awful lot that this continent of contrasts has to offer.

Explore the coastal capital city of Peru, Lima to the mountaintop ruins of Machu Picchu; then take in the serene waters of the dramatic Chilean Fjords, before venturing up the mysterious Amazon River, or walking with penguins in the Falkland Islands.

Discover the Caribbean where you will also have the chance to go island hopping; tour Mayan pyramids in Mexico, and discover the rainforests of Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica. And so much more…

Lima to Rio

For a shorter cruise of try the 33 day cruise from Lima to Rio that will have you taking in the panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro from Sugarloaf Mountain. You will also have the chance to discover Peru and Chile’s fascinating heritage on display in places such as Arequipa, Coquimbo, Valparaiso, Puerto Montt, and Punta Arenas and then spend two days exploring the majestic Chilean Fjords. Visit the battle site of the Falklands War, stroll through Independence Square in Montevideo, and through the brightly coloured Bocco District in Buenos Aires to witness the real tango.

Lima to Buenos Aires

This amazing 21-day tour will have you starting at the Andes and then onto two days of sailing through the raw beauty of the Chilean Fjords. Humans have inhabited this glorious landscape for centuries, as revealed in Arequipa’s famed frozen mummy, a 550-year-old Inca maiden who was the victim of a pagan sacrifice. Experience more of this amazing culture and see the collection of Coquimbo’s amazing masks, tiaras and sun symbols.

For this cruising tour, cruisers will spend some time in Ushuaia (Captain Hansen’s pick) and also take in the striking scenery of Tierra del Fuego (translated “land of fire”) National Park. Port Stanley is included in this wonderful crusie with its treasure trove of war monuments and memorials, a striking contrast to the charming local penguins.

There also is the 29-day cruise from Rio de Janeiro to Valparasio that cruises across the New Year period and includesw some key highlights of South America. If you select this cruise, you will be seeing in the New Year with two days cruising the Chilean Fjords. Along the way, you can explore the incredible places of Punta del Este and Montevideo, visit a penguin rookery in the Falkland Islands, relax on some of Buzios’ idyllic beaches, and then travel onto what seems to be an alien landscape at Tierra del Fuego.

Whatever your timeframe and interest area of South America – there is a big range of cruising itineraries available for you to ensure that you enjoy some incredible experiences, see a vast array of amazing sights and collect plenty of treasured memories.

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