Guess the Cruise Ship Name

Can You Guess The Cruise Ship Name?

Posted April 17th, 2017

Some cruise lines are famous for having extravagant or fanciful titles for their ships. Others are more straightforward when it comes to naming their vessels.

If you’ve been on a decent number of cruises, chances are you’ve seen plenty of ships and heard quite a few names. But how good is your memory? How familiar are you with the majestic mobile hotels that sail the seas? Let’s find out! 

So are you a cruise ship genius? Or did this quiz leave you stranded on the shore? Either way, if you’re feeling inspired to book your own cruise now, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 1300 769 228. Our expert consultants can help you find the perfect ship and itinerary for your holiday. And you won’t have to remember the ship name – just the key to your cabin. 

Set sail on a dream holiday with Cruiseabout


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  Absolutely nobody in Australia knows more about cruising than Cruiseabout. With close to 30,000 nights on ships all across the globe, our consultants’ extensive experience and passion for cruising is unequaled. We're here to share the joys of cruising holidays with more Australians and invite them into our world - because we love cruising!

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