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Big Ship VS Small Ship: How to Choose the Best Cruise Ship for You

Posted September 17th, 2015

One of the most important things to consider when planning your cruise is the size of the ship. From smaller and mid-sized vessels to cruise ship behemoths that can cater for up to 4,000 passengers, your choice of ship may determine whether or not you end up needing a vacation from your vacation! So which option is the best for you? We suggest considering these four factors when making your decision.

1. Who are you travelling with?

Cruisers travelling with family members might be better off booking a large cruise liner that is equipped with a wide variety of activities to keep the kids happy. With child-friendly pools, cinemas, theme parks, water slides and children’s programs, these floating cities can keep everyone entertained for well over a week. They can also give adolescent travellers a taste of independence while still finding quality time with family in the evenings and on port excursions. Larger ships also tend to be more affordable while smaller ships are more luxurious, so you can take the whole family without breaking the bank.

2. What type of holiday do you want?

Whether you’re cruising solo and looking to make a few new friends, or planning a romantic getaway with your partner, a smaller more intimate ship with fewer passengers may be the way to go. Indulgent girls’ weekends or wild buck’s parties tend to be more suited to a grander vessel with facilities like spas, high-tech gyms and Vegas-like casinos. Larger cruise ships also have more bars, dining options, and a wider variety of entertainment, including Broadway performances, comedy shows and even nightclubs.

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3. Where do you want to go?

They say it’s the journey and not the destination that counts, but something to consider is where you want to go and what you’d like to see during your cruising adventure. Smaller ships are able to dock at more exotic and difficult-to-reach ports that larger vessels are too big to cruise into, so this may end up being your deciding factor. However, if you’re looking for that all-inclusive holiday and the destination is secondary, then bigger may be the better way to go.

4. How long are you cruising for?

If you’re looking to spend 6 weeks (or longer!) on the open water, the size of your vessel (and how many people you share it with) becomes an even greater consideration. The biggest vessels are complete with larger than life attractions and are sure to keep you busy every day, from water parks and theme parks to shopping strips, outdoor cinemas, mini golf courses, circus performances, Broadway shows and more. Lazing in the sun by the pool or taking a break at one of the ports still ensures you get a break from the bustle of cruise-ship life.

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