The Best River Cruise Itineraries

Posted November 15th, 2016

For many cruisers, there’s nothing quite like the relaxing pace, intimate atmosphere and unique views that come with a river cruise. Travelling to the very core of cities and countries, passengers are treated to an authentic, immersive style of travel that makes for the most vivid memories. Below, we’ve put together some of the best river cruise itineraries around – how many of these rivers have you experienced?

The Rhine

Passing through six different countries (Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands) the Rhine is one of Europe’s most famous waterways and many river cruise itineraries follow its winding path. Uniworld’s 8-day ‘Castles Along the Rhine’ voyage provides passengers with the chance to see vineyards in verdant hillsides, the iconic spires of medieval churches and of course, a collection of castles (some of which are now majestic ruins). Stops include Cologne, Koblenz, Strasbourg and Speyer.

The Brahmaputra

Lesser known than the iconic Ganges, India’s Brahmaputra River puts the state of Assam and north-eastern India on the radar of adventurous travellers. Specialising in cruises that uncover the secrets of this spectacular waterway, Mahabaahu Cruise India offers an 8-day journey of discovery and wonder. Guests will get to visit tea estates, villages and palaces steeped in history, and become familiar with the assortment of wildlife native to the area, including the endangered golden langurs of Peacock Island. 

The Danube

The longest river in the European Union, the might Danube originates in Germany’s Black Forest and flows in a south-easterly direction through Europe, before reaching the Black Sea. Passengers can discover what inspired composer Johann Strauss by embarking on a 9-day Christmas cruise with Avalon Waterways. Guests will experience the mesmerising river cruise sights of charming village life, fairy-tale-like castles and imposing fortresses, and rejoice in the festive atmosphere of a white European Christmas. Stops include Nuremburg, Vienna, Passau and Regensburg.

The Mekong

Stretching through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, the Mekong River is the seventh-longest river in Asia. Pandaw’s ‘Classic Mekong’ cruise lasts for 7 nights and stops at destinations in Cambodia and Vietnam, such as Phnom Penh, Chau Doc and My Tho. One of the highlights of this exciting itinerary is visiting the dolphin grounds near Kratie; here is where passengers can get up close and personal with the beautiful Irrawaddy Dolphin.

The Nile

One of the longest and most famous rivers in the world, the regal Nile River plays host to a variety of luxurious Egyptian river cruises. A 7-night/8-day round-trip journey from Aswan with Sonesta Nile Cruises will transport you to places such as Edfu, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings and Esna. Visit temples, tombs, ruins and gardens by day and be entertained at night with onboard parties and performances, including belly dancing.

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