Best of Spain, Portugal & Mediterranean - Customer Review

Posted October 18th, 2012

Last year, for the first time, Cruiseabout launched exclusive cruise packages - with a Mediterranean cruise, with an exclusive private tour through Spain and Portugal. The first group have just come back from their trip, and we received some feedback from them:

Well – what an amazing trip!!


We got home safely yesterday, so here is some feed back for you.  Don’t know where to begin so will just have to say that everything was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Mediterranean Cruising

As you can imagine there was so much to see and take in at times it was all a bit overwhelming.  However we have nothing but praise for both the Insights coach trip through Spain and Portugal and of course the cruise. We were so lucky with the Insights tour as we all (42 pax) got on really well and had lots of fun and laughs.


Our Tour Director, Javier Rodrigues was fantastic.  He really looked after us 24/7 and was just so knowledgeable about everything and had so much to tell/teach us all.  Nothing was too much trouble and he was so enthusiastic about everything and everywhere we went.


He had a couple of dramas to sort out and did so brilliantly.  First of all one couple’s luggage didn’t arrive in Madrid.  It just never made it on to the Emirates flight.  However Javier managed to trace it and get it to our hotel just before we set off.


The second problem was that another couple left all their passports and c/cards etc. in their Madrid hotel room safe.  You can imagine their concern!  Javier sorted it out and managed to get the hotel to give the package to another Insight driver who was crossing our path in a couple of days.  He kept reassuring them not to worry and they certainly did not need to.


My slight concern was that we were never issued with a cabin number for the cruise.  Again Javier assured us not to worry and that it would be sorted before we got on board.  Well it was!  We had actually got to the cruise terminal in Barcelona and we still had no number but Lucy and told Javier to see the guy ‘on duty’ at the gate into the terminal building.  He had the manifest with all passengers names and cabin numbers and in 2 seconds had found our name and given us a number.  So all was well and we booked in.  Imagine our surprise and thrill when we found that not only did we have a cabin but had been upgraded to a port side cabin with a balcony.  We of course were absolutely delighted and still don’t know how this happened or who to thank.  It made such a difference and we so enjoyed the larger cabin and having the balcony so a big thank you to whoever was responsible for that.


We did lots of the optional tours on both the Insights trip and the cruise.  Again we were very impressed with the efficiency of these trips and the knowledge of the local guides who all spoke good English.


We took hundreds of photos and hope they will help us remember all we did and saw.  I just wish we could have spent a bit longer in each place!  Every day was a new adventure and although a bit tiring at times we wouldn’t have missed any of it for the world.  Spending our last few days in Venice was a really good idea and we were able to relax a bit and just enjoy the city at our own pace.  The Rialto Hotel was great – such a good location.


So there we are – a really fantastic trip.  Great accommodation, good food – everything very well organised.  A most professional Tour Director, a brilliant driver and a most enjoyable cruise.  A big thankyou to everyone involved.


Kind regards – Erica and Dave (Fritz) Scammell


We are so glad that Erica and Dave had such a fantastic trip, and we look forward to helping more customers experience a holiday of a lifetime! For information on more exclusive "Only at Cruiseabout" packages, call one of our Cruise Specialists today on 1300 954 661!

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