Best Family Cruise Ships

Posted September 17th, 2012

If you’re planning your next family holiday, be sure to consider cruising, for a getaway that everyone will love. While some holiday destinations are more suited to solo travellers, party goers or honeymooners, many cruise ships provide a great family environment for all ages.

When planning your family cruise holiday, be sure to consider the duration of your trip, your ports for disembarking and the on-board activities available to you and your children. To get your ideas flowing, check out these unbeatable family cruise ships.

Carnival Spirit

Keeping in the spirit of family fun, Carnival Cruise Lines has a reputation for providing travellers with the most fun-filled holiday experience available. The Carnival Spirit Cruise Liner has various accommodation options on offer, including spacious cabins to suit even the largest families. Along with great accommodation choices, the Carnival Spirit also offers travellers access to some of the best kids clubs on the open seas. Camp Carnival has been designed specifically for 2 to 5 years old children, while Circle “C” is perfect for young teens and Club 02 great for those aged 15-17.

Keeping in mind that there is an abundance of great kids’ activities, your whole family will enjoy this trip, having access to numerous water parks, the on-board theatre and great lounges, where mum and dad can relax!

Pacific Jewel

P&O Cruises hold a reputation for being one of the most family friendly cruise companies in the industry. Offering endless opportunities and great ports for disembarking, your family will create memorable holiday experiences, whilst on-board the Pacific Jewel.

One of the more recent additions to the P&O family, the Pacific Jewel will offer your children the experience to enjoy the latest and greatest in on-board entertainment, while mum and dad can enjoy the modern, luxurious spa. Kids of all ages are catered for with 3 Children's Centres, with age-appropriate activities for kids aged from 3 to 17!

Disney Magic

While the whole Disney Cruise Line offers unbeatable cruise ships, Disney Magic is one of the best family cruise liners available. When cruising with Disney, you’ll be immersed in the magic of the true Disney spirit, a fusion of historical elegance and lavish modern features.

Three azure pools cover the decks of the ship, providing endless days of fun in the sun for entire families. Dining options are also some of the best on the sea, with casual or formal varieties, perfect for all families. Like many other cruise liners, Disney offers great youth clubs, which provide children with the opportunity to meet and interact with their favourite Disney characters!

While the upfront cost of cruising can sometimes seem daunting to mums and dads, you must consider the inclusions that come with a cruising holiday. Unlike regular holidays, the cost of your cruise will include your accommodation, transportation, meals and on-board entertainment for the duration of your travels. With great value for money and an unforgettable family experience, there’s no beating a cruise holiday!

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