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Best European Christmas Cruise Stops

Posted November 24th, 2017

Christmas is always a magical time of year. But why not break up your regular December routine and treat yourself to something different next year? Now is the perfect time to look ahead and book a European river cruise for Christmas 2018.

A European Christmas cruise combines the wonders of travel with a treasured holiday – you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. There are four main types of Christmases that Europe offers. Discover your perfect European Christmas below.

Beautiful Bruges in Belgium at Christmastime.

The Fairy-Tale Christmas – Bruges, Belgium

If you’ve never met your fairy godmother, it’s because she lives in Bruges. Renowned for its fairy-tale buildings and charming markets, the Christmas spirit in this medieval town will enchant you from your very first day.

As the sun sets in the late afternoon, warm orange light from old lampposts bring the cobblestone streets to life, and strings of colourful Christmas lights float above you. You’ll be completely in awe in the timeless magic of the town, with the sounds of horse-drawn carriages, the smell of gingerbread from the markets, and the cosy hug from your big winter jacket.

Belgium features in some of the best Europe river cruises available.

Find beautiful Christmas markets across London.

Joining the Jolly Crowds – London, England

If London was a person, they would be that caroller who doesn’t stop singing when Big Ben strikes 12. There is an endless list of events and shops to enjoy in London during December, making it impossible to forget about Christmas. Everyone and everything dresses up for the occasion, with streets glittered with lights, department store windows full of tinsel, and too many Londoners wearing their dorkiest sweaters.

Join in and listen to the famous Christmas carols at Trafalgar Square, which take place at the foot of the capital’s giant Christmas tree. When you want a bit more excitement, head to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. With an ice rink, regular performances, and fairground rides, you will be sharing the fun Christmas spirit with enthusiastic crowds.

Browse our England cruises to start planning your Christmas in London.

Salzburg is as beautiful in winter as it is in summer.

A Very White Christmas – Salzburg, Austria

When most people picture Europe in winter, they immediately imagine snow. But not every part of the continent is cold enough for a guaranteed ‘White Christmas’. The best chance you have of snowfall is if you’re further north or in the high altitudes of the Alps. Enter: Salzburg.

Salzburg sits on the border of Germany and stretches over the Alps, with plenty of small market towns in easy reach (like Bad Hofgastein). Towns like these are your best bet for Auntie Snowfall to show up at your door on Christmas morning. They’re also perfectly located near world-class ski resorts, so you can add even more excitement to your holiday by skiing down slopes with picturesque mountains in front of you.

Of course, Salzburg is also home to one of Europe’s most loved and well-known Christmas markets. Don’t miss your chance to find the perfect gifts for friends and family back home!

Salzburg sits on the Salzach, one of Europe’s most enchanting rivers.

Get your Christmas feels in Rovaniemi, Finland.

The North Pole (Well, Almost) – Rovaniemi, Finland

Remember finding out that Santa isn’t real? Well, apparently that ruse was also a ruse. Because he exists, and you can meet him yourself in Rovaniemi. Sitting in the quiet top half of Finland, Rovaniemi is home to Santa Claus Village, a dedicated Christmas amusement park. Here you will be at the heart of the holiday season, making it impossible to not get drawn into the story and joy of Christmas.

As the gateway to the surreal Arctic Circle, Christmas in Rovaniemi allows you to comfortably enjoy the holiday festivities without overwhelming crowds and engulfing cities. And although there won’t be any big city fireworks, there’s a good chance you can catch the otherworldly Northern Lights dancing across the cold Christmas sky.

Explore the cities you could visit on a Scandinavia and Baltics cruise.

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