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Best Cruise Tips for First Time Cruisers

Posted May 20th, 2015

Planning your very first cruise can be both an exciting and potentially overwhelming experience. Venturing into uncharted waters (pun intended) is all part of the allure of cruising, but with that comes the possibility of making mistakes that can make your time out at sea less enjoyable. That’s why it helps to hear from those that have cruised before, and to get their advice on what you should do when booking your first holiday at sea. Here are 5 tips for first time cruisers that will make your cruise unforgettably relaxing and fun.

1. Don’t Choose a Cabin on a Floor Directly Underneath Public Areas

Location is everything when it comes to choosing the right cabin. Stay in a cabin that’s not directly underneath public areas – such as the cafeteria, cinema, or night club – so a good night’s sleep can be assured at the end of each cruising day.

2. Start Planning your Cruise as Soon as Possible

The early bird catches the worm. And the cruiser that books their cruise as soon as possible generally catches the best deal. As soon as you have your dates secured, start planning your cruise and take advantage of the early bird sales and specials offered by all the big cruise line companies. Sign up to our newsletter to get the heads up on any promotions or sales we have running when you’re in the early stages of booking your cruise, and use that extra money when out exploring a new part of the world.

3. Give Yourself Enough Time in Ports

There’s nothing worse than having to leave a place that you absolutely love because you need to get back on the ship. Don’t let this happen to you by making sure you choose a cruise itinerary that spends enough time in the places you just need to tick off and tick off well.

4. Get a Massage on Day 1 or 2 and get your Cruise off to a Relaxing Start

Make use of the therapeutic options on your first cruise and relax into your holiday. Massage services can usually be organised to come directly to your room, so all you need to do is make the call, sit or lie back, and let the masseur work their magic. Don’t forget to check out all the cruise ship’s facilities – such as swimming pools and saunas – and treat your body to some R&R in between port calls.

5. Pre-book your Shore Excursions to Avoid Disappointment

If there’s an excursion you know you just have to do, then there really is no point in waiting around and booking it the day you arrive in a new port. Not only will this mean you’ll be wasting some of your precious time waiting in line or on the phone, but there’s also the possibility of missing out due to overbooking. That’s certainly a situation you’ll want to avoid.

Think you’re ready to take the plunge and book your very first cruise? Then call our friendly and knowledgeable consultants on 1300 954 661 today or find the nearest store near you, and let us shower you with even more tips on how you can make the most of your time out at sea.


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