A Beginner’s Guide to Canada and Alaska

A Beginner’s Guide to Canada and Alaska

Posted August 5th, 2016

With vast and varied landscapes, distinct cultural regions, and attractions spread across miles and miles of land, Canada and Alaska are two destinations that are truly larger than life. Luckily, a cruise holiday offers the perfect opportunity to explore the stunning sights of North America, minus the hassle. If you’re curious about this part of the world, read on. We’ve put together a quick guide that features the must-see towns, cities and natural wonders, as well as a few pieces of handy travel information.


It might be Alaska’s most populated city but Anchorage is an easy place to explore and as a tourist, there is a lot you can accomplish in a short space of time. For an extensive history of Alaska’s Indigenous people, be sure to visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Animal lovers will find it difficult to bypass the Alaska Zoo, while the Museum of History and Fine Art is a world-class facility located right in the centre of town.

Hubbard Glacier

Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier is awe-inspiring. Measuring 76 miles long and plunging 1,200 feet deep, it is the largest tidewater glacier in North America. This natural wonder will leave you feeling like a passenger in a toy boat, not a cruise ship. Pictures simply do not do it justice.


Home to a thriving art, culture and music scene, Vancouver is a bustling city on the Canadian west coast that continues to evolve and redefine itself. Whether you’re in town for the day or a much longer visit, kick things off with a trip to Vancouver Lookout. From here, you can gain a real feel for the city - plus the views are sensational! A popular port-of-call on many cruise ship itineraries, Vancouver is also within driving distance of Whistler and the North Shore Mountains.

Lake Louise

Ever wondered what you’d do if you ran into a grizzly bear? You might just find out on a hiking tour of Lake Louise. Don’t worry - your guide will teach you exactly what to do in the event you do come face-to-face with one of nature’s most beautiful beasts. If you’re not sold on that idea, then there’s plenty of other activities to keep you occupied, including a memorable ride on an Ice Explorer to the middle of the Athabasca Glacier!

Jasper National Park

Make sure there’s plenty of memory space left on your camera, because Jasper National Park is home to a host of picturesque tourist hot spots, including Maligne Lake and the Miette Hot Springs. Get up close and personal with the majestic Mount Robson as you travel along the Jasper Tramway and marvel at the unspoilt beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

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Canada and Alaska are renowned for their icy winters, with temperatures dropping as low as -50 degrees in some parts between December and February. Heavy snowfall is common during this time, with the exception of Vancouver, which experiences significant rainfall. Summer days can be long and hot, with temperatures reaching 35 degrees. Things become cooler in autumn, particularly at night, while spring is known for its warm days and cool nights. Temperatures can drop dramatically overnight in mountain areas. Due to the varied landscape and at times, unpredictable weather, it’s worthwhile packing several layers of clothing for your trip.


The Canadian Dollar is used in Canada and the US Dollar in Alaska. Some towns on the border may accept both currencies.


In Canada, French and English are the official languages. Alaska recognises English as its official language, with 20 Alaskan Native languages listed as “co-official” languages.

The perfect mix of relaxation, scenery and adventure, Canada and Alaska are supreme holiday destinations for people of all ages. Call 1300 954 661 or email your Cruiseabout consultant for the latest cruise deals and itineraries.

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