Beautiful Icebergs Of Antarctica

Posted September 24th, 2015

Polar cruising offers the chance to get close to otherwise inaccessible, extraordinary frozen scenery. Multiple cruise lines around the world run regular journeys throughout the year to this inspiring destination. Crystal Cruises, Peregrine Adventures, Hurtigruten and Lindblad Expeditions (to name a few) all offer various expeditions ranging from 13 to 23 days long.

The following pictures show why Antarctica is one of the world's most bucket-list-worthy destinations.

1. Quark Expeditions

While terrestrial mountain scenery is undeniably spectacular, little prepares those who make the long journeys to the poles for the sheer scale of the ice formations awaiting them. This photo, taken by Sam Crimmin in Antarctica, shows cliff-like icebergs reminiscent of the Seven Sisters on Britain's south coast, dwarfing the stream of penguins pinging into the sea in the foreground.

2. Lindblad Expeditions

Polar scenery dwarfs the expedition-grade ships that carry small numbers of guests to remote destinations. The NG Explorer ship is shown here next to icy crags in the Lemaire Channel, an 11-kilometre-long passage hemmed in by cliffs. Although seas can be rough around Antarctica, Lemaire is often calm, although the presence of icebergs may make it unpassable.

3. Quark Expeditions

Humans on excursions in Zodiacs are reminded that icebergs are more mountain than small hillock, as captured beautifully in this soft image by David Merron on a Quark Expeditions trip.

4. Silversea Expeditions

Paradise Bay, along the north-western edge of the Antarctic Peninsula, is known for its immense iceberg scenery and some of the continent's most extraordinary views, well captured in this image by Ray Stranagan, Silversea Expeditions' photographer, in December 2014.

Although protected by strong winds and Anvers Island, icebergs often block the bay, making it inaccessible.

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5. Silversea Expeditions

On the same expedition, Mr Stranagan also took this shot at Cuverville Island, which BirdLife International has identified as an Important Bird Area for its breeding colony of about 6,500 pairs of gentoo penguins.

6. Silversea Expeditions

In January 2015, the same photographer snapped this iceberg while he was onboard the Silver Explorer on a trip to Antarctica, which saw the boat leave Ushuaia, in Argentina, before passing across Drake's passage to the Antarctic Peninsula.

7. Hurtigruten

The South Shetland Islands were the location of this marvellous shot taken by Dominic Barrington. Penguins never fail to add comedy to even the most striking and austere of natural landscapes. Hurtigruten's Frozen Land of the Penguins Antarctic voyage allows similar photo opportunities, passing rookeries of the birds in numbers of up to 180,000.

The ship makes landings at Yankee Harbour, where predatory skua birds nest, and Brown Bluff, on the coast of the Antarctic Sound at the tip of the Antarctic peninsula.

8. Hurtigruten

Ice blue and navy strike alongside eerie white in this shot by the same photographer, which was taken near Pleneau Island at the southern end of Lemaire Channel.

9. Lindblad Expeditions

The sun may not set for very long in Antarctica but when it does, expect yellow and orange to seep across the sky, and to reflect on the masses of ice. This image of the sun going down over a tabular iceberg was taken by Michael S. Nolan in the Weddell Sea.

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