Off the Beaten Track: Antarctic Expeditions

Posted September 4th, 2017

Set sail for the adventure of a lifetime and discover one of the world’s most exciting destinations on an Antarctic expedition. Filled with unforgiving yet amazingly beautiful landscapes, Antarctica is home to a range of wildlife rarely seen outside zoos and museum exhibits, providing passengers with endless memorable experiences.

 The gentoo penguins are the third largest of the breed

The sights

Antarctica is a world of blinding white. From towering glaciers to striking icebergs, this ice-covered landmass is a photographer’s dream and will make you feel as though you’re exploring another planet.


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When you’re not busy staring in awe at the whitewashed terrain around you, keep an eye out for the resident wildlife. Emperor penguins, gentoo penguins, leopard seals, southern fur seals, Weddell seals, crabeater seals, wandering albatrosses, snow petrels and a variety of whales, including orcas and blue whales, all call this magical place home.

The British Antarctic base - Port Lockroy

The experiences and destinations

  • Conquer the Drake Passage – A large body of water between South America’s Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands, the Drake Passage is one of the world’s most unforgettable sea crossings. Notorious for rough seas, the passage can put cruisers to the test but sets the scene for adventures galore.
  • Visit Port Lockroy – Situated on the north-western shore of Wiencke Island, this natural harbour was used for whaling before becoming the home of a British research station (until 1962). The site now houses a museum and post office.
  • Cross the Antarctic Circle – Follow in the steps of famous explorers and travel south to a region rarely visited. This is an experience unlike any other.
  • Zodiacs – Forget boring trains and planes. There’s nothing like jetting off for a polar adventure aboard a Zodiac (a type of inflatable boat) accompanied by experts who are always ready to share fascinating facts and insights.

 Tip: Take strong seasickness medication for the infamous Drake Passage crossing, some of the roughest waters in the world

  • Polar plunge – Immerse yourself in the freezing waters of Antarctica and enjoy a unique claim to fame!
  • Traverse the Lemaire Channel – With still waters and scenic landscapes, including steep cliffs and glistening icebergs, this strait is one of the region’s top tourist attractions.
  • Kayaking – Feel at one with Antarctica’s waters but stay dry as you explore and get active at the same time.
  • Get better acquainted with the local bird population at Half Moon Island – Known for its distinctive crescent shape, this beautiful South Shetland island is populated with an array of bird breeds, such as chinstrap penguins, Antarctic terns, kelp gulls, snowy sheathbills and skua. A long walking track allows guests to easily explore the terrain.

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Who goes there

A wide variety of cruise companies offer voyages to the South Pole, including Peregrine AdventuresHurtigrutenPonant, and Scenic. Most itineraries begin in South America, stopping at Argentina’s Ushuaia.


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