Adults-Only Cruise Voyages

Posted May 7th, 2016

The cruise life is perfect for adults who just want some time out – relaxing by the pool, dressing up for dinner, and cocktails in the hot tub are all great ways to relax and unwind while out at sea. However, your bubble of serenity can be unfortunately burst by overzealous young travellers.

Children are wonderful but sometimes they can be... noisy.

Cruising is becoming an increasingly popular way for families to travel, thanks to the wide array of children’s facilities and services offered by many of the larger lines. This means that many mainstream voyages are filled with unpredictable younger cruisers who could potentially dampen your holiday.

Whether you’re planning a romantic couple’s holiday or a trip with a group of likeminded friends, it is possible to avoid the noise, chaos and energy of children on a cruise. Simply check out the cruise lines below, all of which are tailored to more mature guests.

Silversea's Silver Shadow

Silversea Cruises

Specialising in mid-size cruising, Silversea Cruises are known for their all-suite, all-inclusive policy that attracts a more mature audience. As well as the typical destinations – the Mediterranean, Scandinavia and Alaska – the line offers expedition cruises to exotic locations such as the Arctic, Antarctica and Galapagos Islands. This means there’s something for everyone, complemented by luxurious onboard facilities. The various ships in the Silversea fleet boast a variety of different features; however, you can expect to find boutique facilities and premium service no matter where you sail.

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Viking River Cruises

Generally speaking, river cruises are frequented by an older crowd due to the destination-focused and history-intensive nature of their itineraries. Viking Cruises is one of the premier river cruise lines, operating a large fleet of boutique river liners through the waterways of Europe and Asia. The Viking philosophy revolves around enriching voyages that immerse guests completely in their destination, hosting thoughtful lectures on history, dishing up regionally-inspiring cuisine and providing insightful shore tours all as part of the one fare price.

Regent's Seven Seas Mariner, Seven Seas Navigator & Seven Seas Voyager

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

As an industry leader in the luxury cruising sector, Regent Seven Seas Cruises is targeted at a mature audience that enjoys the finer things in life. The four mid-size ships in the line’s fleet feature an array of opulent facilities and services, including gourmet restaurants and all-suite accommodations, as well as the famous Canyon Ranch SpaClub. The luxury and distinguished attitude of Regent Seven Seas means it’s more appropriate for adults; however, the line does offer a children’s program on select holiday sailings. Ensure you check with your cruise provider before booking.

Voyages to Antiquity

Voyages to Antiquity only operates one ship, the Aegean Odyssey; however, this results in a focused approach to cruising that does not lack for contemporary conveniences or elegant amenities. Voyages to Antiquity dissuades children under the age of 16 from cruising on the Aegean Odyssey because of the ship’s refined attitude and absence of dedicated kids’ facilities. This means the line’s sailings around destinations such as the Mediterranean and North Atlantic are blissfully kid-free.

There are many other ways to avoid being disrupted by children on your cruise holiday, even when not sailing with one of these lines. Think about strategically planning your holiday during school term time, choosing exotic destinations or embarking on long sailings to make sure there are no (or very few) young cruisers on board. Want to know more? Just call one of our friendly cruise consultants on 1300 954 661 to discover the best cruising option for you!

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