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7 Reasons To See Asia By Cruise

Posted January 23rd, 2018

When choosing your ideal holiday destination, you don’t have to look further than Asia. With its rich, diverse culture, innovative city skylines and boundless selection of cuisines to tantalise your tastebuds, Asia is an unreal experience.

For the ultimate holiday escape, you can’t go past the opportunity to experience Asia by cruise. With all the stunning locations to visit and landmarks to see, why not take the stress out of the equation and enjoy the continent in dreamy style? 

Why Visit Asia? 

Over the years, Asia has become increasingly more popular as a travel destination, with more and more tourists flocking to visit the many unique cities here. There are many reasons why Asia has become such an alluring place to visit. Here are just three of them.

The diversity and culture between countries

Whether it’s India, Indonesia, Vietnam or the Maldives that’s your dream vacation, the distinct Asian countries and their cities makes for a delightful fusion of culture to explore. While Tokyo will impress you with its ultramodern cityscape and sophisticated technology, you’ll be just as taken with Bangkok, renowned for its incredible market shopping scene. Each city you visit will be unique and bursting with culture.

The stunning scenery, landmarks and temples

The visual beauty of Asia is unlike any other continent. The mix between futuristic skyscrapers, white-sand beaches, snow-capped mountains and sacred temples will impress any traveller to no end. There’s no shortage of iconic structures either, with monuments such as the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and Taj Mahal for you to see.

The delectable food

The cuisine is a top reason why more people are choosing to travel to Asia. Those keen to experience authentic versions of their favourite meals like sushi rolls, pad Thai, curry and ramen noodles won’t be disappointed by the superior quality of the real deal.

Stopping by Macao? Enjoy a glimpse at Macao's treasures.

Why See It By Cruise?

If you’re ready to start planning an Asia trip, consider doing it by cruise. Cruises are a superb, luxurious way to travel to your favourite destinations. If you haven’t done a cruise before or are looking to book your next one, Asia is the perfect choice to travel by sea or river. 

You can visit multiple destinations

When travelling via cruise, moving between different countries is a complete breeze. No need to continuously repack or spend hours in the airport every few days. A cruise is like having your own hotel that journeys along with you to all the places you want to visit.

It makes for a stress-free holiday

Holidays are meant to be relaxing, but with frantic itineraries and the stress of hustling around, they don’t always feel like it. On a cruise, your accommodation and travel route are all sorted so your only worry is enjoying yourself while exploring new, exciting locations.

It provides a different perspective

If you’ve visited Asia before, seeing it again by cruise presents the continent in an entirely new light. There are visually stunning Asian cities situated along the coastline to see while cruising along the water, such as Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Gives the option for river cruising

If it’s a unique experience you’re looking for, you can’t go past a river cruise. Asia is ideal for taking a river cruise as it’s home to 7 out of the 12 longest rivers in the world. The most exotic cruise you’ll ever take, you’ll be transported away from the bustle of cities and submerged deep into the tropical waterways where you’ll experience Asian culture at its humblest.

Read a first-hand account about cruising the Mekong River.

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