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5 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Cruise

Posted May 3rd, 2013

Imagine the disappointment of falling ill during your next cruise holiday; all of the planning, saving and anticipation of the months preceding your departure potentially amounting to an unfulfilling trip spent feeling unwell in your cabin. However, the good news is that only a very small amount of passengers are unlucky enough to fall ill during their vacation and modern cruise ships have on board doctors and facilities to care for these unfortunate few. Nevertheless it is important for all cruise passengers to keep these 5 tips in mind in order to remain healthy and enjoy their next sea bound adventure.

1.       Wash Your Hands

 The single most effective way to avoid contracting any virus or infection whilst on board is to wash your hands regularly – before and after eating, after using the restrooms and after coming into contact with handrails in high traffic areas on the ship. You may also wish to carry your own small bottle of hand sanitizer with you for extra peace of mind.

Washing Hands - Especially at Meal Time

2.       Drink Bottled Water in Port

In some cruise destinations, particularly in South America and South East Asia, the local drinking water may not be safe to drink. Consuming contaminated drinking water can lead to unpleasant stomach bugs that can see you riding the ‘porcelain express’ for days on end. You should also be mindful of ice added to alcoholic drinks and vegetables washed in local water. Your safest bet is to only drink sealed bottled water or bring your own water and snacks ashore.

3.       Prevent Sea Sickness

Owing to their massive size, most cruise liners do not experience the swaying motion commonly associated with seasickness. However some passengers are more sensitive than others and may still experience some form of motion sickness. If you are prone to feeling unwell at sea there are steps you can take to minimise your chances of coming down with seasickness. Natural remedies such as ginger tablets, green apples, acupressure wristbands and fresh air may be enough to keep you feeling great or if need be you can ask your pharmacist for advice on over the counter meds.

Motion Sickness Writsbands

 4.       Go Easy on the Alcohol

Whilst partying the night away in one of the many on board bars might seem like a great way to relax and blow off some steam, be careful not to overdo it when it comes to alcohol. Spending all day in bed due to a hangover from the night before is a common trap for unwary cruisers. Furthermore, if you do over indulge in an unfamiliar environment you run the risk of injuring yourself by falling down stairs or, heaven forbid, falling overboard. If you do plan on tipping a few in, ask one of your travel companions to remain sober and keep a watchful eye over the group.

 5.       Slip Slop Slap

A favourite past-time for many cruise travellers is relaxing by the swimming pool and soaking up the warm sunshine. However, it is all too easy (especially after a few cocktails) to forget to apply sunscreen regularly and end up with a serious case of sun-burn. Additionally, excessive amounts of sun, coupled with the dehydrating effects of alcohol can lead to sun-stroke which can cause dizziness, nausea and severe migraines. Your best bet is to apply SPF 30+ every 2 hours and drink plenty of water.

Slip Slop Slap - Protect yourself from the sun!

You shouldn’t let the idea of falling ill deter you from booking your next cruise, the chances of your experiencing any of the above ailments are generally no greater than on land. Simply take the 5 aforementioned precautions and exercise a little common sense and your next cruise will be a healthy and enjoyable experience of a lifetime.

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