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5 Ways to Beat Post-Cruise Depression

Posted December 16th, 2015

We’ve all felt it. That sinking feeling as the ship pulls into the final port and you walk along those timber decks for the very last time. Standing in your living room, nothing seems quite right. You feel empty and lost as you think back to the floating paradise you once called home. Yes, Post-Cruise Depression (PCD) is real, but luckily, we have 5 ways to help you cope with life beyond the high seas and get back on track.

1. Document Your Trip

Nurse yourself back to post-cruise health by reliving your vacation and documenting your trip. Sign up for a free blog with and recreate each day of your cruise ship holiday. Don’t forget to add photos and video clips to help retell your stories. Not only will you end up with a diary of your holiday that you can share with family and friends, but you’ll also have a record of tips and tricks to help you on your next cruise.

2. Read Forums and Write Reviews

Turn your lows into highs by offering advice to others - as a cruising veteran, your knowledge is invaluable to first-time cruisers and the newbies will thank you for it. Write reviews on TripAdvisor or other travel and cruising sites to help people choose their perfect cruise holiday. Lift your spirits and respond to questions on forums, participate in active discussions and share your best tips and tricks.

3. Keep Up-to-date with Cruise News

Subscribe to Cruise Radio and Porthole Magazine to stay up-to-date with cruise ship news and travel tips. Cruise Radio releases a podcast once a week while Porthole Magazine, the cruising industry’s leading magazine, releases six issues each year. Both cover cruise travel trends, cruise ports and destinations, cruise ship reviews, and news on the latest innovations in cruise ship technology. You can also sign up for Porthole Magazine’s e-newsletter, which is delivered straight to your inbox every week, along with keeping an eye on the Cruiseabout blog!

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4. Recreate Cruise Recipes at Home

Sometimes simply sitting down to eat your favourite cruise ship meal will pick you up out of your post-cruise blues. Whether you’re after a bowl of your favourite seafood soup, roast duck main or chocolate soufflé, most cruise liners will have a collection of popular recipes on their website. A quick Google search will bring up collections from your favourite cruise ship menus, allowing you to recreate these memories in your very own kitchen.

5. Book Your Next Cruise

If all else fails, and you just can’t bear the thought of being separated from those sparkling pools, that fresh sea air, and the magical atmosphere that comes with being on board a cruise, booking your next adventure is a tried-and-true way of banishing PCD. The good news is that many cruise lines will also offer bonuses such as discounts and extra on-board credit when rebooking too.

Suffering from Post-Cruise Depression? Call 1300 954 661 to speak to one of our consultants who will talk you through our 3-day, 7-day and longer-term treatments to determine which ‘medicine’ is best for your condition.

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