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5 Tips for Cruising Solo

Posted May 13th, 2013

Many people may find the idea of going it alone on a cruise daunting. Where will you sit at dinner? What will you do with your time? Will you feel like an odd one out? The truth is that millions of passengers enjoy cruising solo every year and you shouldn’t let the absence of a cruising buddy stop you from stepping aboard and enjoying the cruising experience. Here’s 5 tips to ensure that you make the most of your next solo cruise holiday;

Avoid the Single Supplement

Many cruise liners charge additional booking fees, commonly known as a ‘singles supplement’, for solo cruisers in order to cover the losses they incur as a result of having fewer paying passengers on board. These premiums can range anywhere from 10% - 100%. To avoid paying this surcharge you can look for Cruises that offer singles cabins or alternatively keep an eye out for special discount offers during off peak seasons.

Solo Sailing

Make yourself Know to the Crew

When you arrive at one of the on board restaurants, let your Maître d know that you are travelling alone and would like to be seated at a large table with other solo travellers. They will happily oblige and you’ll find that the conversation will be much more lively and inclusive when surrounded by others who are in a similar situation. Additionally, as most families will choose to dine earlier in the evening, you should book yourself in for a later meal time to meet more like-minded diners.

Choose a Themed Cruise

There are hundreds of different theme cruises departing Australia every year catering to a huge range of interests. By choosing a cruise with a theme that you are interested in, you will be guaranteed to have at least one thing in common with everyone on board, making it easy to strike up a conversation with your new cruising acquaintances and develop new friendships.

Book yourself on Group Shore Excursions

When your ship arrives in port, be sure to sign up for any tours or activities of interest that are offered. Exploring in smaller groups is a great way to meet other travellers and there’s nothing like doing something new or out of your comfort zone to break the ice and get to know your fellow passengers.

Explore the area with shore excursions

Get Involved

Most cruise ships offer a large range of on board classes and activities including arts and crafts, cooking, scrapbooking, dancing – the list goes on and on. This is a great way to meet other travellers who share common interests and you’ll find that conversation flows much more easily when you’re participating in an activity.

Cruising solo may seems intimidating at first thought, but just remember that there will be others on board who, pardon the pun, are in the same boat. You might very well make some new life-long friends, so go ahead and start planning your next cruise holiday now.

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