5 Popular Occasions to Celebrate on a Cruise

Posted February 11th, 2013

Cruises provide a variety of unique experiences catered to suit most demographics. Ideally, when people contemplate cruises, they generally consider them to be of a holiday or vacation based purpose. This is not necessarily the case anymore. Nowadays, cruises can be a platform service for an abundance of options including conferences and functions. However the perception of cruises predominantly stands as the ‘holiday scene’. So why do people book cruises as their holiday choice? What are people celebrating when they partake in cruise retreats? Here are 5 of the most popular occasions that people celebrate on cruises:

Engagements and Romantic Getaways

Recent engagements are very exciting for the lucky couple and what better way to celebrate this attainment than on a

A Princess Cruise is perfect for romance

romantic cruise through the Pacific Islands or the inside passage of Alaska? Where ever you may be located, there will be a variety of suitable cruise destinations to choose from that will help celebrate this truly monumental period in your life. You never know, your partner may be planning to ‘pop the question’ in the midst of your romantic getaway. It could have been orchestrated from the very beginning!


People love to celebrate their birthday with a week-long vacation on a cruise to their favourite destinations. Perhaps preferred for the more milestone ages, this would be a suitable option to make a week ‘all about you’, as you potentially have 7 or more days to pamper yourself and reap the benefits of all the cruise services. You get to be the life of the party as your 30th birthday stretches over a sufficient time span through a variety of exotic destinations.

Becoming Single

This may be a reason to celebrate, or possibly to drown your sorrows. Regardless of the situation, cruises attract an array of people from different demographics with diverse characteristics. In more meaningful terms, you will have vast opportunities to meet other interesting people on favourable cruises. Embrace this occasion and allow yourself to explore new and exciting openings that will arise among your travels.


Many people celebrate their achievements with a night out on the town, or purchase a desired product or toy that will reward them on a great effort in their personal or professional life. Another rewarding thought would be jumping on a cruise and ‘sailing away’. There would be no better way to relax and unwind after a significant achievement in your life, as you celebrate with tropical cocktails and enjoy the cruise hot spots.


If he didn’t ‘pop the question’ on a cruise or you simply haven’t been on a cruise before, honeymoons are a top favourite for many lucky newlyweds. Recently becoming married allows you to take a break from the real world, travel and celebrate with intimacy and seclusion. A cruise allows this as you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable long distance travel, connections or budgeting. Cruises take all these concerns out of the equation and simply allow you to enjoy the beginning of your lives together in sheer luxury and enjoyment.

There are numerous celebratory options to consider taking a cruise for, some more extravagant than others. Think outside of the box and consider the many cruise options Cruiseabout offer on many international levels.

To book your next special occasion on board a cruise, call one of our Cruise Specialists on 1300 954 661.

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