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5 Daring Dishes to Try on Your Cruise to Bali

Posted July 5th, 2016

Whether you’re lazing on the beach, sipping cocktails by the pool or hiding your camera from cheeky monkeys in Ubud, Bali is the ideal tropical holiday destination. It is also an island with a rich culinary history and a passion for food. If you're feeling adventurous, or just want to sample some of the local culture, here are five daring dishes to try on your cruise to Bali!

Discover more than just the beach in Bali & take advantage of a rich food culture...

Chilli Mud Crab

As far as ‘daring’ dishes go, most seafood courses rank pretty low on the list - but when served in traditional Balinese style, the chilli mud crab packs one hell of a punch. If spicy food isn’t your thing, then it’s probably best to steer clear of this traditional local favourite.

Give it a try on board and once you reach your port-of-call, ask a local guide for their recommendations on the best place to eat chilli mud crab. You won’t be disappointed.


This isn’t a dish you’ll find in any westernised hotel or tourist-strip restaurant. Made from an assortment of spices, roots, coconut, shrimp paste and pig’s blood, Lawar is a popular meal in villages across Bali. It can be made with pork, chicken, duck, beef and turtle. For the ultra-adventurous, there’s also the option of eating dragonfly lawar.

Insects aside, it’s actually the inclusion of pig’s blood that makes people the most squeamish. If you manage to get your head around this ingredient, then the dish won’t appear particularly daunting - but that’s a big ‘if.’

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Black Rice Pudding

It might be one of Bali’s most famous desserts, but for the uninitiated, black rice pudding - or bubur injin is a confronting prospect.

Cruise ship passengers would be used to eating chocolate flavoured desserts, so the colour shouldn’t really be an issue, but black rice? Bubur injin looks weird - and for that reason alone, it is a worthy inclusion on this list. It’s also delicious, which is why you need to try it on your cruise to Bali.

Sago Worms

From the daring to downright bizarre, these overgrown insects are certainly not for the fainthearted.

Roasted whole or as part of a traditional Balinese stew, Sago Worms are reportedly a hit with locals due to their rich, pulpy taste. You might need to venture outside the tourist strip if you’re keen on sampling these creatures, but if successful, you’ve got a brilliant travel story to share with your fellow cruise ship passengers.

Cobra blood

Is it a dish or a drink? From what we’ve been told, cobra blood is more like a ‘small meal in a glass’ than a standard beverage. It sounds like the perfect drop to wash down a bowl of delicious sago worms! Again, this may not be on the menus of dining establishments targeted at tourists, so you may need to venture far off the beaten track to find it.

If you’re a daring eater - or just a daring traveller looking to soak up some sun, sand and adventure, why not book your next cruise to Bali? For further details & some great deals, call one of our friendly consultants today on 1300 954 661.

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