5 Common Cruise Issues and How to Fix Them

Posted October 17th, 2016

Speak with any cruise enthusiast and you’ll soon discover the many reasons to love cruising life, from the spectacular scenery and attentive service to the quality cuisine and exciting shore excursions. Life, however, is unpredictable, and sometimes, things don’t always go to plan on your cruise. Here are five common issues you may come across and the ways you can resolve them.  

Lack of Spa Appointments or Shore Excursions

In need of an immediate spa or beauty treatment? You’ll have to be a little flexible with your timing and try and get an appointment during off-peak hours, such as during meal times, early morning or during port calls. Also explain the situation to the receptionist and ask them to contact you ASAP if a cancellation occurs.

Shore excursions can be more difficult to manoeuvre your way into, especially if there are no late cancellations. You can, however, do some independent research online (or try speaking with the onboard shore excursion staff for tips) and arrange an outing with an independent operator. Depending on the port, you may also discover vendors waiting in nearby stalls as you disembark. 

Wrong Beds

It can happen in a hotel and it can happen on a cruise ship; sometimes, your room’s bedding configuration will be wrong. Instead of a double bed, you’ve been given twin beds and vice versa. If this is the case, the fix is quick and easy – many twin beds are designed to be pushed together to form a double bed or pulled apart for separate sleeping arrangements. Just contact the steward for assistance.  


For some cruisers, finding their sea legs is never an issue and the waters are nothing but consistent. However, even the most experienced cruise passenger can fall victim to a bout of seasickness in the right circumstances. If you haven’t brought any medication with you, head to the onboard medical facility for assistance. Common natural remedies include ginger capsules and green apples, while spending time on the deck in the fresh air and fixating on one point, such as the horizon, is also recommended. It’s best to avoid others who are sick – not only can the sight or smell of vomit be enough to make anyone feel ill, but sometimes, the power of suggestion is all it takes to set your stomach churning.

The Specialty Restaurant is Unavailable

Have your heart set on dining in a specialty restaurant? If you didn’t make a booking online, before your cruise, you still have some tricks up your sleeve.

Firstly, try and get a reservation for the first night or two – this is generally when the restaurant will be quieter. If this fails, say a friendly hello to the manager and explain how much you’d like to dine at the restaurant and perhaps even namedrop an anniversary or birthday event. Tell them you can be flexible with dates and times and ask them to put you on a waitlist. Check in regularly with a friendly phone call.

Incorrect Bill

You’ve come to the end of a truly wonderful cruise, but what’s this? Your onboard bill looks to have a few discrepancies. To fix this, get in touch with the ship’s Purser immediately. This is where keeping your receipts comes in handy. If you can, check your account a few days before the end of the cruise, so you can rectify any mistakes while you’re still aboard the ship and can deal with issues on a face-to-face basis. 

For even more information about cruise life, call us on 1300 954 661 and one of our expert cruise consultants will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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