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5 Basic Cruise Ship Etiquette Tips

Posted April 26th, 2013

Travelling the open waters aboard a cruise liner is a fantastic way to unwind and leave the stresses of the real-world behind. However, it is important to remember to pack your manners and be considerate of other guests aboard the ship. Below are five basic cruise etiquette tips you should keep in mind before setting off on your next cruise holiday;

Reserving Sun Lounges                

A common gripe amongst seasoned cruise travellers is people who place towels and other object across sun loungers by the pool as a means of reserving them for later on in the day. Many cruise liners have polices against this type of behaviour and your belongings may be removed if they are deemed to be preventing other passengers from enjoying the pool facilities.

Sun Lounger Etiquette. Photo Courtesy of Holland America Line

Badly Behaved Children

Whilst cruises are a great family vacation option, it is important to remember to be considerate of your fellow passengers and keep a watchful eye on your children. Obviously you’d like to relax and enjoy yourself, however letting your kids run wild whilst other guests are attempting to relax is not polite. If you are travelling with young children, consider a cruise which provides kids’ activities and be sure to pack plenty of colouring books or electronic games to keep them entertained.

Late Night Revellers

A highlight for many cruise passengers is the on board nightlife, with many guests taking the opportunity to indulge in a few drinks and party the night away. It is important though, to be considerate of other guests when returning to your cabin in the early hours of the morning and keep the noise to a minimum. Not everyone’s idea of a good time involves drinking the night away, and waking up your neighbours in the early hours of the morning is considered to be against cruise ship etiquette.

Cocktail Time? Photo Courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

Talking Loudly on your Mobile Phone

With mobile phone reception available on most cruise liners, it is important to be considerate of other guests and keep the volume of your voice down when talking on your phone. Whilst you may find your conversation very interesting, others who are trying to relax and enjoy their holiday won’t. If you do need to make long important calls, consider doing so from your cabin or away from crowded public spaces.

Dress code Violators

Often cruise ships will have a dress code for certain occasions and dining options. In order to maintain the atmosphere and experience for other guests it is important that you adhere to them. People who enjoy formal dining should not have to share their table with someone who is wearing their wet board-shorts and loud Hawaiian shirt. There are normally lots of other more relaxed dining options available on board if you don’t feel like suiting up for dinner.

By keeping these five basic cruise ship etiquette tips in mind you’ll avoid offending other passengers and contribute to a much more pleasant cruising environment for everybody on board.

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