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4 Tips to Improve your Cruise Photos

Posted December 10th, 2014

With more and more travellers armed with an impressive photographic arsenal, the time is right for a little instruction on how to make the most of your equipment. There’s nothing more frustrating than returning home from a cruise and finding that the photos you took simply didn’t do the trip justice. To prevent – or at least – minimise the chances of this happening to you on your next trip, here are four tips that will help you take better photos.

Tips to help you get the best photographs on your cruise

Turn off the Flash

Believe it or not, but unless you’re packing pro gear, the built-in flash on your camera is doing more harm than good to your photographs. All it does is blow out colours and highlights, and cast the shot in a dim and unappealing shadow. Instead, turn off that flash and use natural light to bring out the colours and highlights in your photographs. If there isn’t enough natural light where you are – for example, you want to snap a few of your luxurious cabin room to show friends and family back home – then place your camera on a still surface (such as a table or chair), set the timer to ten seconds, and then let the camera work its magic. You’ll be surprised at the quality of the shot you’ve just captured.

Set the Camera on a Steady Surface for Night Shots

This brings up to the topic of night time shots. Ever wanted to capture that starry sky that blankets you from up above, only to find the photo all blurry and out of focus? It’s a common problem, and basically has to do with your camera not getting enough light to complete the shot. If you haven’t brought a tripod with you on your cruise, set the camera on a steady surface (again, such as a table or chair), set the timer and let the camera do the rest. It may take a little experimentation, but capturing the mood at night time will be more than worth it.

Sick of blurry photos? Learn from our top tips

Purchase some Photo Editing Software

Have you ever wondered how that professional photographer took that gorgeous photograph of the Taj Mahal that adorns the front cover of that travel magazine? Well, you can bet your bottom dollar that it didn’t just come straight from the camera to the cover. Most – if not all – professionals touch up their photos in some kind of photo editing software program, such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. An increase in contrast here, adjust a little depth there, crop, rotate, etc. – these small actions can have a significant effect on your photos, turning an otherwise stock standard shot into a print-worthy masterpiece.

Don’t take Shots Behind a Window

Although that sunset may look truly sublime from behind the window glass, you’re not likely to do it justice by taking a snap of it through the window. The tinting on most windows, coupled with the fact that you’re moving, doesn’t lend itself to taking great photos. Try and get outside instead, and hopefully you’ll have bagged a winner.

If you’d like to put your new photography skills to the test, and capture the glory of an epic cruise, give us a call on 1300 954 661. Your Cruiseabout consultant will be able to find just the right trip for you!

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