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12 Hours in Auckland

Posted June 7th, 2016

New Zealand’s stunning scenery, fascinating culture and association with The Lord of the Rings makes it a favourite cruising destination for thousands of travellers each year. P&O Australia, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean International are just some of the lines that offer itineraries around the islands of New Zealand, with many stopping at the city of Auckland for a day or two.

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, and it dishes up a smorgasbord of exciting adventures and memorable experiences just waiting to happen. So how should you spend your time in Auckland? You can never see too much of this city, but 12 hours might be all you get – you should make the most of it! Keep reading to find Cruiseabout’s guide on how to spend a day in Auckland.

Auckland Skyline

8.00am Arrival

Your ship will likely arrive at port in the early hours of the morning. The Ports of Auckland are located on Judges Bay and face one of the two natural harbours that border the city. Before leaving the ship, you should make sure you’ve packed a bag with all of the essentials you’ll need throughout the day – sunscreen, money, snacks and of course, a camera.

8.30am One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is one of the largest volcanos in Auckland and features a monument to Sir John Logan Campbell, the patron of the city, at the top. The mountain is surrounded by the scenic Cornwall Park and offers visitors amazing views over Auckland City. Adventurous souls might like to hike up One Tree Hill, but there are also busses that leave from Auckland city centre. While there, you can also grab a bite to eat at the beautiful Cornwall Park Bistro as you enjoy the views.

The top of One Tree Hill, featuring the monument to Sir John Logan Campbell

11.00am Auckland Museum

Immerse yourself in the traditional culture of the Maori people at Auckland Museum. As well as being one of the country’s most beautiful historic buildings, this is where you’ll find New Zealand’s largest collection of artefacts from Maori culture. You might even get to experience a traditional Maori performance – an absolute must-see!

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1.00pm Queen Street

The main strip in Auckland’s CBD is bubbling with vibrant cafés, shops, restaurants, pubs and boutiques – this is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely stroll, have a late lunch, and take in the city!

A view of Sky Tower from Queen St

4.00pm Sky Tower

An icon of Auckland’s cityscape, the Sky Tower offers visitors the chance to get 360⁰ views of the city from 220m above street level. You can just visit the observation deck and get some amazing photos, or drop into one of the tower’s dining establishments for a meal and a view.  You could also take advantage of the SkyJump and SkyWalk programs, where you can go on the other side of the glass for a guaranteed adrenaline rush.

6.00pm Dinner

Start heading back towards the port and stop in at Auckland’s oldest suburb, Parnell, for dinner. This are is known for its charming character and offers a number of elegant restaurants – the perfect way to end your time in Auckland.

8.00pm All aboard!

Make sure to get back on ship by the designated time – there’s nothing worse than missing your departure!

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