Insider Journeys

Insider Journeys

Formerly known as Travel Indochina, Insider Journeys are the experts in small group tours throughout Asia. Inside Journeys runs tours throughout countries such as China, India, Japan, Thailand and Cambodia. In addition to group tours, they also host private tours and river cruises itineraries as part of their offerings.

On chartered cruise boats, Inside Journeys gives you the chance to enjoy a unique experience through waterways such as the Yangtze River, China and Mekong Delta, Vietnam. In such a diverse and varied region, many people agree that cruising is one of the best ways to experience the Asian culture.

Cruising is a unique way to immerse yourself in the lifestyle and also offers the opportunity to access remote locations that standard tours cannot visit due to a lack of available accommodation. Taking a cruise means that you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of your boat while visiting otherwise inaccessible areas – you may even be the only tourists in some spots!

With Insider Journeys, you can choose to book a Cruise Only package where you take part in a tour that lasts for the duration of the cruise itself. Or, you can opt for the Cruise Plus package that includes the river cruise, as well as a private tour guide on shore before and after your cruise. Some of the Small Group Journeys also include a short cruising component, so there’s options to suit anyone’s travel requirements.

If you want to ask some further questions, or are ready to book your holiday, then contact us on 1300 769 228. Our friendly customer service representatives will help you organise all of your holiday needs, from flights to accommodation and travel insurance.


A cruise with Insider Journeys is a great way for adults to travel, but may not be appropriate for younger children. Make sure to check with a Cruiseabout consultant before booking a cruise with young passengers on Insider Journeys.


On board the Insider Journeys cruise ships, the meals are designed to reflect your journey and destination by incorporating fresh ingredients to create a striking culinary adventure. All meals on board are included in your fare price. You can look forward to sampling regional specialties or classic Western cuisine from a buffet or à la carte. When touring on land, Cruise Plus passengers will always have breakfast included in their tour, but may get to choose where to eat for lunch and dinner.

Activities & Entertainment

As Insider Journeys exclusively charters cruise ships for some of its tours, the on board activities and entertainment tends to differ between the various cruises available. You can be sure, however, that each ship is comfortable, elegant, and world-class. Depending on which itinerary you choose, you may get to enjoy a number of facilities such as a gym, sauna, swimming pool, spa, library and morning Tai Chi classes. Some ships even have Wi-Fi so that you can keep in touch with your loved ones at home, no matter where you are!
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