We’d like to share some exciting news!

Over the coming weeks Cruiseabout will be joining Flight Centre or Travel Associates, depending on their locations, but this isn’t goodbye! Our stores and consultants will remain where they are currently.

Our cruising specialists have prided themselves on bringing their knowledge and passion to create the perfect cruise itinerary for our clients. The consultants you’ve come to know are still committed to providing you with the same great service and travel advice.

To find out more about our exciting journey, watch the video below.

Further information on the changes please refer to the FAQs below.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening to Cruiseabout?
Cruiseabout has always been part of the Flight Centre Travel Group family but will soon join forces with Flight Centre and Travel Associates. Over the next few months, you’ll start to see changes to Cruiseabout stores and websites but otherwise, it’s business as usual! We would like to reassure you that we have taken steps to ensure minimal disruption to our customers during the transition period.

Why is Cruiseabout becoming part of Flight Centre and Travel Associates?
Our customers are at the heart of our business. We believe the strength of the two brands combined will provide even more expertise and product for you, ensuring you have no reason to go anywhere else for all your travel needs.  You’ll continue to enjoy the specialist expertise you’ve come to expect at Cruiseabout, with the added bonus of new and unique products to enhance our customer value proposition and ensure the best flights, cruises, tours, accommodation and much more.

I have an existing booking with Cruiseabout. What will happen to my booking?
The changes will not have any impact on existing bookings. Your booking will remain in the same capable hands of your current store and consultant.

What will happen to my consultant?
We are committed to ensuring the best customer service for our customers. The changes will not impact on our consultant roles. You will remain in the safe hands of your current consultant; they will just be wearing a different uniform!

I have booked a holiday at Cruiseabout using interest free financing. Will the changes impact my finance arrangements?
There will be no changes to your interest free finance arrangement.

Will my store's phone number stay the same?
Yes, your store's phone number will remain the same.

How do I contact my consultant?
You'll be able to reach your consultant using the same phone number and email address.

Is my store moving?
No, your store will not be moving.

When will I start seeing changes to my store?
Cruiseabout stores will be rebranded to Travel Associates or Flight Centre over the next two months.

Can I still book products advertised on the Escape Travel / Cruiseabout website?
Yes, product advertised on our websites is still available to purchase. Our website will remain completely functional during the transition period.

I have a Cruiseabout Gift Card. Can I still use it?
Cruiseabout Gift Cards can be redeemed at any Flight Centre, Student Flights or Travel Associates store within Australia. The same terms and conditions apply.

I have a marketing voucher for Cruiseabout. Can it still be redeemed?
Cruiseabout vouchers can be redeemed at any Flight Centre or Travel Associates store within Australia. The same terms and conditions apply.

Who can I contact if I require assistance while I am on my holiday?
Contact us

I have purchased Cruise Cover for my upcoming cruise. Am I still covered?

Can I still redeem my CommBank Awards points?
CommBank Awards points are redeemable in-store at Flight Centre, Travel Associates and Student Flights.

Who can I contact for more information?
For further information, we recommend contacting your store or consultant directly.


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