Sao Paulo, Brazil

As Brazil’s most populated city, the metropolis of Sao Paulo is renowned for its economic strength, concrete jungle landscape, and unique blend of cultures. Located in the country’s south-east, Sao Paulo is approximately 5 hours south of Rio de Janeiro and 2 hours inland.

A strongly multicultural city, immigrants from countries such as Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Lebanon have all made their home in Sao Paulo. The city has also been adopted by a significant number of Japanese nationals, whose presence can be seen in the local food, architecture and culture.

Boasting a wide array of museums, art exhibits, theatres, parks, plazas and sporting venues, as well as a thriving nightlife, Sao Paulo has plenty to offer visitors and travelling business people.

Cruise Deals

Port Location

Cruise ships do not dock in Sao Paulo. Instead, passengers will disembark at the Port of Santos, which is located south of the city – the journey from the port to Sao Paulo can take up to two hours, depending on traffic.

Port Facilities

The Maritime Passenger Terminal Giusfredo Santini – Concais has plenty of amenities that cruise passengers can enjoy upon arrival.

Facilities at the terminal include:  

  • Café

  • Shops

  • Lounges/waiting rooms

  • Bar

  • Tourist information booth

  • Travel agents

  • Currency exchange

  • ATMs

  • Tourism operators

  • Medical facilities.

Taxis, vans and buses all depart from outside the terminal. Shuttles to Sao Paulo are often organised in advance by cruise lines.  

How to Get Around

Sao Paulo offers visitors a convenient public transportation system, including buses and metro routes. Catching the metro is often considered to be the easiest way to get around, although travelling by bus may be the only way to get to certain sites and destinations. For tourist-centric suburbs and areas, you should be able to explore on foot; however, exercise caution at all times and do not travel at night.

Taxis are your best transportation method when it comes to night-time activities or for longer distances; car rental is available, but the traffic in Sao Paulo is notoriously appalling.

Travel times from Luz Station:

On foot:

  • It is a 2 hour and 43 minute journey to Jardim Botanico de Sao Paulo

  • It is a 51 minute journey to the Football Museum

  • It is a 54 minute journey to the Sao Paulo Museum of Art.

By car:

  • It is a 32 minute journey to Jardim Botanico de Sao Paulo

  • It is a 16 minute journey to the Football Museum

  • It is a 13 minute journey to the Sao Paulo Museum of Art.

General Information

  • Currency – The currency in Brazil is the real (R$), which is divided into 100 centavos. Coins come in 5, 10, 25, and 50 centavos, and R$1, while notes come in R$2, R$5, R$10, R$20, R$50, and R$100.

  • Time Zone – Sao Paulo functions on Brasilia time, which is 3 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). During the summer months, it changes to Brasilia Summer Time, which is 2 hours behind UTC.

  • Weather – Sao Paulo experiences distinct seasonal changes between summer, autumn, winter and spring. The summer months see more rainfall, while the winter months are usually dry and mild. January and February generally have the highest temperatures throughout the year. July is often the coldest month.


  • Jardim Botanico de Sao Paulo – With 143 hectares of luscious greenery, the city’s botanical gardens are the perfect place to go for some peace and quiet. Originally the result of naturalist Frederico Carlos Hoehne’s passion, the park has expanded and evolved since the late 1920s. Forest walks, howler monkeys, large ponds, greenhouses, plenty of birdlife, and countless species of plant are all on display. Located on Av. Miguel Stefano, the park is a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

  • Football Museum – Situated within the Paulo Machado de Carvalho Municipal Stadium, the Football Museum or Museu do Futebol as it is known locally, is a celebration of Brazil’s long love of football/soccer. Football fans aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a trip to this fascinating museum, though – visitors will discover how Brazil’s culture became forever intertwined with the sport through interactive and visually engaging exhibits.

  • Sao Paulo Museum of Art – Boasting two large red beams that frame and support a glass and concrete structure, the eye-catching Sao Paulo Museum of Art is considered to be a symbol of the country’s modern architecture. Within its walls, you’ll discover stunning collections of European, Brazilian, Asian, and African artwork, from prints and drawings to antiquities. In total, the museum has over 8,000 pieces of art to show off to visitors.

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