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Viking River Cruises: European Soujorn, Amsterdam to Bucharest Review

Posted April 15th, 2014

The European Soujorn Cruise with Viking River Cruises, is a 23-day luxury vacation that features a series of guided tours from Amsterdam to Bucharest.  Apart from the great cruise ship, service and food, what I loved the most were the stunning tourist attractions we wouldn’t have been able experience at a standard holiday.  Our eyes were fortunate enough to see the channels of Amsterdam and UNESCO World Heritage sites that dated back to ancient times.  If you love seeing historical attractions and gorgeous landscapes, this cruise is the one to book!

Cruise from Amsterdam with Viking Cruises

There are two ships you can choose from, the Viking Aegir and Viking Embla, both launched in 2012 and were presented the Cruise Critic Editors’ Pick for Best New River Ship.  We opted for the Viking Aegir and stayed in one of the 39 veranda staterooms.  It was everything we needed.  From the groovy hotel-style beds, 40” flat screen television, in-room refrigerator and outstanding ocean views, every guest was living the good life.  Viking Aeger also has free wireless Internet service so we could easily keep in touch with everyone back home.  The library corner was a favourite of mine, giving me time to get away and read some excellent travel books after a big lunch, and before an even bigger afternoon nap.

Brilliant guided tours worth a mention was Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava.  We arrived relatively early and saw the medieval barricades at Michael’s Tower and the gothic St. Martin’s Cathedral.  Wow, what a sight.  The tower is one of Slovakia’s well-maintained landmarks, with a splendid 360 degree view of the city once you reach the top!  Other special mentions include Hungary, Kalosca where we got to see the beautiful Archbishop’s Palace and the grand St Stephens Cathedral in Vienna, Austria.  Make sure you bring an extra pair of batteries, chargers and memory cards for your camera as one will only last you a week or so.  The outlets provided at the cruise ship was also very convenient for many devices so that shouldn’t be a worry.

Cruise Europe's Waterways with Viking Cruises

All in all, I couldn’t give enough commendation for Viking River Cruises.  We were taken care of like a bunch of two-week old newborns, catered for whenever we needed or wanted anything.  The staff were so friendly and approachable, and the programme directors worked 24/7 to make sure we had a blast and reached our destinations on time. Viking River Cruises is really the go-to river cruise ship of today.

This Viking River Cruises review was submitted by one happy customer! If you are looking for recommendations for your next river cruise, Viking's European Sojourn departs on a number of dates throughout the cruise season. For more details, call one of our Cruise Specialists on 1300 954 661.

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