Under the Magnify Glass: The Viking Bragi and the River Rhine

Posted November 4th, 2013

The year unfurls before you, closing out the cooler months and welcoming summer with an open sense of intrepid adventure. If you aren’t looking forward to the pressure cooker of the Australian Christmas season, why not escape to a wintry wonderland without waiting until mid-year? Viking River Cruises offers travellers the opportunity to explore the networks of some of Europe’s most beautiful countries, connected by a flowing nervous system of water and subtle, winding currents.

Viking Bragi on the River Rhine (artist rendering)

While roads are thick with traffic and airports are a time-consuming flurry of confused activity, the streams of Europe are an untapped map of possibility. Forget about ocean travel for a while – you deserve something exclusive, stylish and peaceful, as you absorb the Rhine River from an unexpected perspective.

The Ship – Viking Bragi

Tired of the sanitised packages and boring twists on an old favourite? You’re not alone. Viking Bragi is a singular experience, borne by the genius of Yran and Storbraaten, the grand minds that designed the Seabourn fleet. Aside from the pleasant perks of free Wi-Fi, and on-demand subscription television, unlimited movies for those days in and played on a forty inch Sony LCD screen at optimal eye level, you will be relieved to know your leisure will not pollute the river streets you travel. Hybrid engines aren’t just for cars! Viking believes in experiences over cheaply saved memories – don’t waste another minute by the poolside, you can do that at home; instead, take a class in glass blowing, wooden shoe making and tasting plates your tastebuds can only dream about.

The Aquavit Terrace on board Viking Bragi

The River – Rhine

Lined with castles and Celtic histrionics, the Rhine has enjoyed a colourful past, witnessing numerous sieges, wartime marches, oppressive serfdom and finally, revolution. As time rolled by, viticulture unwound along its banks, supping on the fresh, fertile soils and striving to produce the finest, full bodied wines in the world. Rushing through six countries, the Rhine is the perfect choice to experience all Europe has to offer, as it grants passage through Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

The Highlights – Your To Do List

Though education and excavating the stories of Europe may be an unexpected pleasure, a River Rhine cruise is more than just an opportunity to sample the finest foods and a five course dinner night after night; you will be graced with the opportunity to tour Anne Frank's House, the ill-fated sanctuary that hid the dreams and fears of a teenage girl during World War 2; greeted by the powerful flukes of Kinderdijk, a UNESCO protected site and an indescribable day out; seduced by the warmth and saltiness of dockside taverns and sedate boutiques in Cologne; and awed by the medieval Marksburg Castle, a seven hundred year old relic, virtually unchanged by the pressures of progress.

For more details on cruising the waterways of Europe, or about Viking River Cruises, call one of our Cruise Specialists on 1300 954 661 today.

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